G-Eazy - Fried Rice Lyrics

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G-Eazy - Fried Rice Lyrics

(feat. Onra)

These girls wanna tie a kid down and keep me around

But I would never change; I’m a dog, I’m a hound

But I told them what they wanna hear

They like how it sounds

Till I’m gone with the wind and I’m lost, never found

I met her at my show, then we smashed right after

If we go three rounds then she'll fall in love faster

The very next morning I’m Casper

In another city for a show somewhere getting plastered

It’s a disaster; to her I’m a drug

I do her kinda dirt, but they still fall in love

And I don’t understand it

Foreign chicks on me

And she speak another language like she from a another planet

She struggle when I’m gone

It’s hard when I leave

Being Ricky Pen, wear my heart on my sleeve

And she tell me that she love me but it’s hard to believe

Cuz I’m coming and going, then I cum then I leave

And I swear I’m really not that shady

But you can’t blame me for who I’ve met lately

Nowadays chicks wanna call a kid baby

As soon as they find out I rap, shit's crazy

But I do play along, yo I can’t front

I give in to every groupie with a fat butt

London to Japan

Hong Kong to Iran

Chicks say I’m the man

What that bitch say?

What that bitch say?

And everywhere I go, these girls in my ear [x4]