Lloris, Kane Will Shrug Off 2022 World Cup Disappointment –Conte

Lloris, Kane Will Shrug Off 2022 World Cup Disappointment –Conte

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has revealed that the duo of Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris will shrug off the disappointment of 2022 World Cup in Qatar and focus on helping the club this season.

Recall that Kane’s last minute penalty miss against France, cost England a place in the semi final of the tournament. While Lloris’s France were defeated in the final of the game via penalty shootouts against Argentina.

However, Conte is confident of Kane and Lloris’ mental state after returning from a disappointing World Cup campaign.

Conte said, “No, honestly because we’re talking about a world-class striker but at the same time, you know football is this. Football you can have exciting moments and you can also have moment where you are a bit disappointed because you missed a penalty, the second penalty as the first he scored. But me, when I was a player I never missed a penalty because I didn’t kick. Never! Because I was a real disaster at it. But with a penalty I lost a World Cup against Brazil and I think you live this moment and you are really disappointed.

“For sure the first period you are sad but then you know that you have to move on. Football gives you the opportunity to have other chances to enjoy football. Because don’t forgot we do this job and also we are really lucky because we can enjoy this sport. Football gives us the possibility to play in the sport we have a lot of passion (for). Honestly I am not worried about him. I saw him very well in these two days with us.”

Conte also related his own experience of losing the 1994 World Cup with Italy to France captain Hugo Lloris’ emotions.

“Yeah but in one side, for sure you can be disappointed but in the other side, for the second time in a row France reached the final of the World Cup. This is a big, big achievement because this tournament is really difficult and Hugo won the World Cup. For sure for him it was a great chance to win twice the World Cup and to do something extraordinary in your career.

“But at the same time about Hugo, he showed also in this World Cup that he is a fantastic goalkeeper. He is the captain of France and i think this is a big achievement to reach the final. Then when you play the final, you want to win but everybody that played at an important level won and lost finals.

“If I told you the number of finals I lost, we stay here one hour! You can win, you can lose but, I repeat, to reach the final was big achievement for France. In one side we are a bit disappointed for Hugo but we are also happy for Cuti because for him it was the first time to become World Cup champion.”

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