Lerato Kganyago dishes out advice to women


Lerato Kganyago dishes out advice to women

Lerato Kganyago dishes out advice to women

Lerato Kganyago has decided to voice out on the issue of human trafficking among women and their children.

Even with the fact that she is on baecation with a secret lover, the star still took time to slam the government for their negligence.

The issue has instilled fear on the faces of so many to the extent that they are scared of leaving their homes.

Taking to her Twitter handle, Lerato shared some advice and tips to some women so as to know how to avoid things like that.

On the other hand, she slammed the government for not taking necessary action to stop human trafficking

She said: “South Africa is considered to be on the “Tier 2 Watchlist” for human trafficking. At least A MILLION kids are trafficked each year. Our government is not doing enough…Believe it or not South Africa has officially become a source country for Human Trafficking and it’s getting worse!” she said expressing concern.

She continued: “Every hour a child or woman goes missing! Some are lucky to escape, most never make it! HUMAN TRAFFICKING IS REAL! Thousands of women went missing during the lockdown, MOST have not been found yet.”

She concluded by saying most of this acts are done by those who use Uber and Taxify which is one of the rampant means of transportation now.

Lerato stated that some of those who were able to survive hum trafficking has come out to share their story, so other women should learn from it.

She told her fellow women to always try to tell their friends or families where they are going to.

If they are in a club and you drop your drink to dance or use the rest room, avoid taking that drink again as someone might have dropped something in it.

“Take care of yourselves, let someone know of your whereabouts. When you request for an Uber/Taxify take a screen shot of the drivers details, the plates included. If seated at the back insure the doors don’t have child lock. Otherwise sit in the front where you are more visible.

“Ladies on a night out!!! ALWAYS leave in a group. Have fun but drink RESPONSIBLY. DO NOT TAKE DRINKS from strangers! FYI,  SOME bar tenders are paid to spike your drinks. If you can, rather buy a sealed drink and open it up yourselves…Buy a bottle of water and THOROUGHLY RINSE the glasses yourselves…. especially in a night club!” she advised.

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