Leeds United have third kit leaked online; questions abound after Adidas effort


Leeds United have third kit leaked online; questions abound after Adidas effort

Leeds United third kit leaked; what is happening?

Another day, another kit release. In a football world where merchandise and brand exposure are at the top of the list given the financial side of the game, Leeds United enters into the fray with their third kit for the 2021-22 Premier League season leaking online.

And, as a complete neutral in this dog fight, I feel compelled to ask just what on earth was Adidas thinking?

Truthfully, we are now at the stage where manufacturers and suppliers have hit the end of the idea mill. Whatever Rolodex someone in the basement at Adidas HQ has to dust off to make sure something like this does not happen again would be strongly advised.

Protein powder comes to mind when looking at this off-purple color selection. While I genuinely am a fan of the navy blue being chosen for writing and logo applications to the kit but remain dumbfounded at the main color choice.

History and tradition right out the window

There is something to be said with fresh ideas being implemented, but this usually comes off without a hitch when there is a method to the madness.

Barcelona’s Champions League exclusive home kit that also recently leaked online is a prime example of bold with a purpose. Taking tradition and fan feedback to create an idea that was fresh yet still remained close to the club in question.

What Adidas has put forth for Leeds has no grounds in reality other than “whatever…whatever, I’ll do what I want.”

Purple has never been a color associated with Leeds at any point in the club’s history regarding their kit choice. And though third kits can take creative license to a certain extent, the golden opportunity to help the club redefine its status in the Premier League post-promotion while offering something that was innovative yet clean ultimately failed.

For a smattering of better options that could have been modernized or used for inspiration, SBNation did a pretty solid job at collating a few that deserve a mention. The third kit from the 1999-00 season would have been particularly excellent given the club’s achievement during that memorable campaign both at home and abroad, and some of the lovable characters that nearly pushed the club to the UEFA Cup final.

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