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League of Legends X Valorant Crossover Could Finally Happen in Episode 3


League of Legends X Valorant Crossover Could Finally Happen in Episode 3

Riot Games has found a winner in the latest FPS title Valorant. This move has changed the landscape of the gaming industry, as it breathed new life into FPS games. The studio was previously known for the MOBA title League of Legends, and the new title has made it a significant name in the FPS genre.

The two titles enjoy a massive fanbase the world over, and it set the center stage for an elaborate crossover that the community desperately wanted.

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League of Legends X Valorant Crossover Could Finally Happen in Episode 3

Valorant drops a teaser for the League of Legends crossover

Valorant’s team dropped a teaser trailer for an elaborate crossover that features the upcoming skin bundle Ruination skin. This new skin carries a particular animation and skin color that points to a potential League of Legends character.

This skin seems very familiar to a particular assassin class champion, Viego, aka the ruined king. The skin showcases a similar green aura and a death animation that will remind you of the particular character. The trailer showcases the newest agent in a particularly difficult situation, where he must defend the site all alone.

KAY/O is in the middle section of the Breeze map on A site. All  5 enemies are approaching him from all sides, and he is only equipped with a shotgun. The agent manages to frag 3 agents in Jet, Cypher, and Astra near the metal door area. Out of nowhere, he discovers a guardian that jet dropped on the map.

This guardian carried a green color and a unique pattern, which he uses to frag Sova, and finally Reyna. However, the final frag reveals a new death animation that brings us back to Viego from League of Legends.

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video source: VALORANT

The studio hasn’t shed light on the matter just yet, and the trailer has only been out for a short while. However, it is safe to say that the upcoming Ruination skin could pay homage to the spooky assassin king from League of Legends.

If this turns out to be true then what other collaboration would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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