Lasizwe sparks dating rumour

Lasizwe sparks dating rumour


Lasizwe sparks dating rumour

Lasizwe sparks dating rumour

Lasizwe has spark another dating rumour as he shared a picture of another man.

After being played dirty by his ex-boyfriend from Cape Town, it seems the YouTube sensation has found love in the arms of a white man.

Many thought he might take time before he falls for someone else but it looks like he has opened his heart for another.

Lasizwe took to his Instagram page to show off his new man and he is head over heels in love.

He first posted a video of his new man seemingly picking him up from a shoot and later uploaded an Instagram story of them looking cozy with the caption “Thank you papi.”

Lasizwe did not show off his alleged new babe’s face with an emoji.

He already deleted the post from his Insta-stories.


Lasizwe sparks dating rumour

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