Lamiez helps Rami Chuene’s abused helper


Lamiez helps Rami Chuene’s abused helper


Lamiez Holworthy is indeed a woman with a heart of gold, as she’s volunteered to help the abused helper, whom Rami Chuene spoke about on Twitter.

Rami narrated and detailed how the madam of the helper deducted the helper’s salary from R3000 to R1000.

While Twitter users requested to donate to the helper, the DJ said she will be paying her November’s salary.

“My heart sank reading this thread. I really hope she’s able to get the necessary legal help. It’s almost Christmas and I can’t begin to imagine her frustration,therefore I’d like to give her her salary ya this month please Sis Rami,” the DJ said.

Netizens applauded the DJ for being kind hearted, as it’s a habit for Lamiez to help people.

Rami confirmed that Lamiez paid the salary.


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