KSI x Fortnite: Is a Possible Collaboration on the Horizon?


KSI x Fortnite: Is a Possible Collaboration on the Horizon?

Famous YouTuber, rapper, and one of the Sidemen, KSI might find himself collaborating with Fortnite at some point in the future. Very recently players of Fortnite noticed the rapper’s music was in the game. And this has led players down a path of great expectations that ends with KSI collaborating with Fortnite.


What we know about KSI’s recently discovered music in Fortnite

As Fortnite has a playerbase of literally millions upon millions of gamers, it is unwise to expect anything to get past them without them noticing. No one knows how this happened or if this was deliberate. But Fortnite has got KSI’s unreleased music. This was discovered by a player who was driving a semi-truck in the game when KSI’s unreleased music started playing on the radio. There was a bit of skepticism concerning the incident, but reliable sources have confirmed that KSI’s music is indeed in the game.

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Unfortunately, not much else is known regarding a future collaboration between the game and YouTube star KSI. But in a world where anything is possible, it’s definitely a possibility.


As the gaming industry has developed into what it is today, soundtracks in video games have become huge a deal. They add to the atmosphere and help set the mood. And artists get another platform to exhibit their art. Gamers get to listen to new artists, and the artists get a new audience; everybody’s a winner. KSI is pretty famous as he is with over 13 million, 13.3 to be exact, subscribers on YouTube. And a collaboration with Fortnite might see become even more popular.

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Travis Scott is one of the most famous rappers in the world today. In 2020 he did a concert that took place inside the game. Millions of players all around the world attended the other-worldly event. And this gave his popularity a huge boost. In much the same manner, KSI could also benefit greatly from a collaboration with one of the biggest games of present times Fortnite.

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