Korra Obidi under fire for dancing in bikini in front of little boys in Ghana -VIDEO

Korra Obidi under fire for dancing in bikini in front of little boys in Ghana -VIDEO

Famous dancer and songstress, Korra Obidi once again got criticized by social media users for her excessive body exposure.

The mother of two visited Ghana a few days back and subsequently took to her Facebook page to share some of her fun moments in the country.

Korra Obidi who visited the beach could be seen dancing with a boy while others watched closely. The boys went on to engage Korra in some of their shows.

She donned a swim outfit which happened to be a bikini while with the boys and this didn’t sit well with fans.

Captioning the video, she wrote:

“Had Such fun in Labadi beach performing with the local talent. I love Ghana” 

Watch the video below:

In reaction, netizens suggested that she would have covered her body a bit knowing full well that she was in the presence of young boys. Others affirmed that the boys have fed their eyes with some inappropriate views due to Korra’s outfit.

One Princess Chineze Divy Ndubueze wrote:
“I thought we are meant to be good example to the kids? A short would have been better atleast to protect their innocence.”

Angie De Quaye wrote:
“I find it inappropriate to perform infront of young boys like that….”

Gwendolyn Wilson  wrote:
“No morals, no dignity , no ambition, not a good character for those children to be around at all that’s not a good look.girl you have to do all that for people to see you am so sorry for you.where are your pride not a good example for your girls .”

Mary Omotayo Akanbi wrote:
“I’d tell you the truth for the love I got for you.. Dancing around almost naked in front of kids speaks so low of you. Respect yourself Korra❤️”

Taylor Taylor wrote:
“Omg 😳 a cover up would be nice o Lord have mercy. All morals and values are out the door for the sake of likes and followers and money.”

Ssemakula Charzo wrote:
“In my country that’s a case to answer,it’s not accepteble to dance with kids with such a dress code.”

Faith Okolie wrote:
“How can u dress this way in front of kids, cover up a bit next time, they may be kids but honestly alot might be going through their mind.”

Prisca Okoye wrote:
“U suppose completely go naked bcos u dey dance for beach ….. I wonder if those kids there will ever have respect for u ….imagine u spoiling those kids minds with negative thoughts I wonder wat will become the future of ur kids.”

Cheryl B. Taylor wrote:
“Korra you have to learn boundaries. Dancing with young boys with your ass out is not appropriate. You are a beautiful young lady and shapely. Truthfully the only time anyone should see your nakedness is at your performances and at home with a significant other. Not even around your children. The streets are dangerous and people are crazy these days. I’m speaking as a Mother/Grandmother. I’m only trying to protect you.”

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