Korea’s first lunar mission offers devastating views of Earth

Korea’s first lunar mission offers devastating views of Earth

Korea's first lunar mission offers devastating views of Earth

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Hello, Earth, you are beautiful. South Korea’s Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter spacecraft, known as the Danuri, has sent humanity visual love letters from the moon. The spacecraft recently entered lunar orbit and turned a high resolution camera towards the house.

the The Korea Aerospace Research Institute shared the views on Twitter this week. The first two are from late December and show the moon’s crater landscape with Earth peeking out above the horizon.

The pictures remind Earthrise views seen from NASA’s Apollo and Artemis missions. The mission around the moon Artemis I returned a beautiful video of an earth rise seen from the unscrewed Orion capsule last year.

KARI shared a second set of images of Earth broke in the new year.

Danuri is South Korea’s first lunar mission. It launched in August 2022 on a SpaceX rocket and is expected to orbit the Moon for a year. NASA provided an instrument for the mission, a camera called ShadowCam that will capture images of the moon’s dark polar regions. The mission could help NASA select future landing sites.

The name Danuri was born out of a public contest and it is the result of merging the Korean words for moon and pleasure. After seeing these images, the name couldn’t be more apt.


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