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Kogi governor, Bello calls on journalists to set agenda for politicians


Kogi governor, Bello calls on journalists to set agenda for politicians

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Governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello has asked Nigerian journalists to set the agenda for politicians in order to ensure that credible people are elected into political offices.

This request was made on Saturday by the Kogi governor at the end of the maiden GYB seminar for political and crime correspondents in Abuja.

He urged journalists to work in line with their mandates as they play a key role in setting the agenda for good governance.

He said that having a more united and secured Nigeria from 2023 and beyond lies in the hands of journalists through responsible reportage.

Bello added that any politician seeking any position is there to serve the citizens.

“How prepared we are for a better Nigeria depends on how we have to set the agenda for those in governance,” he said.

“Politicians seek to serve you which means you are hiring a servant, and so, you should be able to set the criteria and tone because those who hire dictate the terms.

“Through your reportage, set the tone now, sit down, prepare your requirements and your checklist.

“Make sure you choose leaders without sentiments and bias, a leader who is detribalized, without religious bias and one who will be a leader for all Nigerians.

“Whatever success we have achieved in Kogi today can be replicated in Nigeria and that depends on how journalists set the tone for politicians to follow.

“That is what happens in developed world and advanced democracies and we can also attain that in Nigeria if you set the agenda for political parties, including my own party.

“From 1960, 1999 till date, I think we should have learnt enough from our past mistakes and learn to do things differently.”

Bello said as a leader, he would continue to serve and sacrifice for his people and the entire country “in fairness, equity and justice”.

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