Kida Wonder – 05 Lyrics


Kida Wonder

Kida Wonder – 05 Lyrics

Bout to take you on a ride Wonder

Well listen almost everyone I talk with But I got a few niggas that I fuck with If no be God I swear mi brother I for don quit Haters tryna bring me down but dem nor fit Every nigga has he′s own story to tell boy And where I come from guy nobody care boy The Government don’t give a fuck about the masses The good leaders wey we get bro e no pass six You gotta hustle to survive or you go die broke Growing up we only believed in the Bible Nah who get money be their boss I hope you know bro A broke man gat no value get the doe bro Believe in yourself I hope say you Dey work too Your time dey come very soon guy he go clock too Legally or illegal make sure you get paid Fuck with me and my team make sure you get killed It′s all fake love nobody really heart you Grind for yourself nobody really gat you Just Dey throway for the club anyhow Hennesy Money full boys skin like say nah tattoo Well I be rapper oga I no be hypeman Kida good but no be everybody like am Mother fuckers dem dey hate on the boy Hip hop dey use me show off demonstrate on the boy Well I dey keep am on a low and I dey stay fly I dey avoid see finish dem call am fake life Anyways I no send anybody When I broke my aza I no send anybody Go hard or you go Home guy the choice dey your hand I be loader for this music Nah which work dey your hand? Nah Jah be the plug dem no fit turn off my light man I no Dey fear brother I know the future is bright man Girl of my dreams I’m talking about the dollar bill Nah money full my head another matter no Dey bother me Steady on my PC cuz nobody be my friend The world is full of fake peeps everybody dey pretend No look uche face Nah why uche come dey look me Scared of myself but I just dey overlook me Always minding my business I no know why dem Dey hate me Nah me be their topic nah steady dem Dey debate me Wahala dey sha and I ready to face am This life no balance na only money go fit straight am If I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil nah who check am go regret I’m always winning you can never see me loose We Dey use am kill depression no Dey call am drug abuse Enter club we light with no matches or kerosene Never stop the grinding being broke is a sin I′m Born to win forget wetin you Dey talk Their opinion no Dey count I don′t even give a fuck I No fit beef with you guy I prefer turkey Who say kida no go blow what are your talking Comot hand for my matter it’s too dangerous Gotta grind brokenness is too dangerous Make dem hate mehn I Dey here Dey puff my weed Never be heard that we failed I say God forbid



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