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Jumping jacks: 5 reasons why you should consider doing it


Jumping jacks: 5 reasons why you should consider doing it

Jumping jacks: 5 reasons why you should consider doing it

When it comes to workout, some exercises require a lot of effort and strength, such exercises if not done properly can also cause a back injury.

Exercises like squats and lunges should only be done if you know how to do it right or you can end up hurting your back. But then, there are a few exercises that don’t require a set form and can be done by anyone. And one such exercise is jumping jack.

Jumping Jack is a whole body exercise and is used for warming up and instantly elevates your mood and activates various muscle groups.

It helps improve your stamina; it’s great for the cardiovascular system, and also helps to relieve stress. If you love jumping jacks, then read below to find out some amazing benefits of it.

Here’s why jumping jacks are considered effective for the overall body.

1. Good for heart

Being a cardio exercise, your body needs to use oxygen to meet the energy demands and stimulate the heart muscle. In this case, the heart has to work extra to pump enough oxygenated blood and bring back the carbon dioxide loaded blood from the cells. This helps exercise the heart muscles and other organs like the lungs.

2. Aids weight loss

Jumping jacks aids weight loss. Being a cardio exercise, it helps to burn the excess calories. This exercise helps you burn more calories than you consume. As a beginner, start by doing 2 sets of 50 reps, and you will feel your heart pumping and some sweat drizzling down your body.

3. Good for flexibility

Jumping jacks help to improve flexibility. If you are not leading an active life and don’t get enough time to work out, then try adding jumping jacks to your routine. It’s simple, doesn’t take much time and can be done anywhere. Start with low-intensity jumping jacks and fewer reps and with time, you will find it easier to do this exercise with more ease and proper positioning of your hands and legs.

4. Builds stamina

Jumping and then landing softly on your toes helps to improve your balance and stability. If you do more number of reps per set and increase the number of sets you do, you will be able to improve your stamina.

5. Improves coordination

Jumping jacks helps improves coordination between your limbs and brain. You will develop a better sense of timing, rhythm and posture.

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