#JohnVuliGate: Twitter users drag viral dancers
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#JohnVuliGate: Twitter users drag viral dancers


#JohnVuliGate: Twitter users drag viral dancers

#JohnVuliGate: Twitter users drag viral dancers

The trend #JohnVuliGate has been all over social media after some girls started the challenge.

The song is by Amapiano duo Mapara A Jazz featuring Colano and Ntosh Gaz and was released in October.

However, many South African celebrities also joined the trend just to have fun.

In the past couple of weeks, the girls have been one of the most talked about on Twitter.

Well, it seems the girls have landed themselves into hot water after they performed on Idols SA on Sunday night and they felt the vibe was not there again like the initial video they first did.

Although some still liked the fact they were able to see the girls on national TV but

others felt their performance didn’t give justice to how they danced in the viral video.

According to Twitter users, they felt it lacked an authentic vibe and the swag it had when they were just having fun and not “working” to secure a bag.

See reactions from fans:



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