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Janets Awakening Part 2 | Free Romantic Story

Janets Awakening Part 2 | S*x Story


Janets Awakening Part 1 | Romantic Story - Janets Awakening Part 1 | S*x Story 

Janets Awakening Part 2 | Romantic Story, Janets Awakening Part 2 | S*x Story .


This is Part 2 of Janets Awakening Story of sexual exploration with my father. If you have not read Part 1 here; Janets Awakening Part 1 | S*x Story
I recommend you do so now as it will make more sense. Although there is incest in it, it’s more about my journey of discovery. If incest offends you then stop now. As per the rules of the forum all characters are assumed to be 18 years old or older.
I woke the next day smiling and thinking of the events the night before. I wondered how we would work things, dad and me. I thought about it as I rose and walked to the shower nude. With how hot I had gotten with dad last night anything could happen, and I thought that I should visit the clinic and get birth control. I had too much of a scare with my uncle to risk that again.

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That night after dinner I heard mom and dad have an argument in their room again. Usually when they fought more the one day in a row it meant dad had an out-of-town trip for work. He drove trucks, usually within the city and had normal hours, but to make extra money he would often take long distance work that would take him away from home sometimes a week or 2 at a time. Mom was wonderful at times and at other times cold and distant and that took its toll on dad. I didn’t understand it at this time but later I knew he was only trying to make that extra money to make sure mom and the rest of us had what we needed.

It was after mom went to bed and I was laying in my room reading that dad came in closing the door behind him, he came to me and I moved to him and wrapped my arms around him. His worn and tense expression changed. He kissed me and I responded by kissing him back as I felt warmth rise in me. He pulled me into his lap on the bed and we kissed. His hands caressed my bare legs and ass sliding up my sundress and finding I was nude under it. I felt him harden under me and I responded by grinding into him and feeling him under me while kissing him more passionately.

When he finally broke the kiss, he looked in my eyes while his strong hands caressed my ass.

“Your brothers are still in the living room playing video games with their friends,” said dad.

“I know, are they staying the night?” I said a bit down our time might be interrupted.

“Yes sweetie, they are staying in the basement in the den” replied dad.

Before I could say anything, he went on “Last night seeing you use that toy sweetie was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. I been thinking about it and you all day”

I kissed him quickly on the lips and smiled brightly asking “Really Daddy?”

“Yes sweetie. I was thinking perhaps you would like me to pick out a new toy for you?” said dad in a hopeful tone.

“I would love that!” I said excitedly.

Dad smiled excited himself now and said, “I will get it tonight sweetie, I need to drop into Ray’s anyway for a short while and I will be back later”.

“They are still open?” I asked surprised as it was after 9pm.

“Yes, I think they are open till 2 am” Dad told me.

“OK Daddy, say hi to Ray and Cindy for me” I said to dad.

“I will sweetie,” said dad. He pressed his lips to mine again and then got up and left.

I heard laughing in the living room as I went to the kitchen to get some orange juice from the fridge. My two brothers and a friend of my oldest brother were playing a video game on the Nintendo. They barely noticed me as I went back to my room and got a book out. Before I lay down to read, I decided to change to surprise dad. I stripped down nude and looked through my dresser finding what I wanted. I Slipped on long black socks that went just a couple of inches above my knees, I was nude otherwise. I looked at myself in my mirror and then lay on my back to read by the light of the lamp on my nightstand. This is how I fell asleep.

It was the hand on my inner thigh sliding up to my pussy and the kisses on my lips that woke me. Dad was laying next to me; it was his hand now caressing my pussy causing a small moan and my legs to part as his lips kissing me. I smelt beer on his breath, but I kissed him back happily. Dad and Ray could rarely get together without having a few beers. They may have even shared Cindy, Rays girlfriend, more on that later.

“You look so beautiful in those socks sweetie” said dad in a low hot whisper. We both knew mom was just in the next room.

“Were they for me Janet?” Dad asked in his low tone.

“Mmm yes just for you” I moaned softly and smiled as he kissed my neck while his fingers caressed my pussy a finger slipping inside.

“You want to be my little slut, Janet?” said daddy hotly in my ear.

I had never heard dad talk like this before in front of me and I knew it was both a product of his arousal and something he liked to do deep down. I have heard my parents have sex before and I knew hearing their words during it dad loved very dirty talk especially during sex. I also knew in their talking he wanted mom to let loose and talk dirty and be slutty and wanton like the girls in the porn videos, but that was not something mom liked to do, although she was open to many things with him, that one was just not in her.

My dad saw me bite my lip and he slid a second finger into my wetness to his words and said in his lusty voice “how does that make you feel Janet?”

My dad usually called me sweetie, he only used my name when it had great levity to the situation like when he was upset with me for something, which was rare or what he was looking for was important to the core of him and he wanted to absolute truth. Dad was the same with mom in only using her name in these situation and pet names at all other times. At this time, I did not fully understand this, but my instincts told me how I answered it was important. I wanted to give him something he couldn’t get from mom.

I slid my hand down and rubbed it over his hard cock trapped under his pants before I said in a soft hot whisper “Makes me feel so hot…”

Dad licked and pulled my left nipple with his mouth his teeth brushing against it and making me bite my lip, sending more pleasure adding to his fingers still caressing my pussy.

“Tell me Janet, do you want to be my slut?’ said dad in a low whisper.

“Yes daddy…” I said softly moaning grinding my hips ground into his hand while he fingered me while and his thumb rubbed over my sensitive button.

“Say it sweetie” said dad hotly and insistent.

“I want to be your slut Daddy… Please daddy” I whispered low and hot as I was getting close to Cumming on his hand.

I knew this was the right thing to say as he kissed me forcefully and hotly with our tongues entangling as his fingers sped up their work. He slid partially over me to try to hold me still as my hips bucked as my orgasm hit me. Dad’s lips pressed to mine muffling my moans as I felt the wetness grow beneath me wetting my beds duvet. Dad offered his wet fingers telling me to clean them. Our eyes were locked as I slowly sucked my juices from his fingers. It was a very erotic personal moment to me.

Dad slowly kissed his way down my body and spread my legs. He lay on the bed between them with his mouth and tongue descending on my now very moist pussy, his breath caressed it before he made contact sent hot shivers through me.

He licked eagerly watching my face, watching my pleasure as my fingers of my left hand slid through his hair pressing him close to me. I caressed a thigh on his cheek as i rubbed my socked foot up and down his side.

I rolled my head side to side biting on one of my fingers of my right hand due to the urge to moan out loudly and say the dirty things I know he liked to hear, but I knew mom was just a thin wall away. When turning my head, I saw in my dresser mirror that either dad had left it wide open coming in, or my brother Neil had opened it, for he was standing in the little entrance hall of my room looking in my dresser mirror same as I was and into my eyes. I quickly turned my eyes back to dad to not alert him and my fingers pushed his head tighter to my pussy, I moaned softly as I could.

My room had a small entrance way due to where the closet was, so laying on my bed you could not see the door to the room. The only way to see it from my bed was the reflection from my dresser mirror.

“Yes… Daddy Yes…” I moaned softly as my head tossed and I bucked my hips.

When my head was turned, I looked and saw him still there watching. He was nearly in the dark of the hall standing under the door frame, I knew he seen me notice him. I could barely make out his hand moving as he was clearly stroking his cock as he watched. Something about this pleased me that I had this effect on him.

Dad’s tongue and now fingers were becoming too much and I was struggling not to scream out, instead I moaned more softly as my hips bucked as he gripped them “Yes Daddy… Oh yes… going to cum…”

I turned biting my pillow as I came seeing Neil watching me buck cumming on dad’s face. This somehow made it more hot for me when I thought about it later, him watching me cum while he stroked his cock. No, I was not scared or freaked out that he saw me, I will get to why in a bit.

Dad lapped my pussy watching my face as I came down from my orgasms plateau. Then he got on his knees and undid his pants. I watched him free his cock as he knelt between my legs. I was ready if he wanted to fuck me, but there was also a thought of I had only taken one birth control pill so far and I knew that was not enough. So, it was a combination of fear, arousal, excitement and worry that I looked at his hard cock.

Dad lay down on the bed however saying, “sit on my face sweetie and suck my cock”.

I did as he asked straddling him and lowering my pussy to his face, He took my hips and his tongue pressed into my pussy and I let out a soft moan. I took his cock in my hand loving the feel of its heat and hardness. I looked in the mirror at my brother as my tongue licked dads cock head, I kissed and licked it before sliding it in my mouth sucking it. My mouth was wetting it well with my saliva and I took dad deep as I could in my mouth sucking him, wanting to please.

My brothers face looked like one of pleasure as he watched me suck dad’s cock. I couldn’t see him very well but did make out his look, then he turned and was gone.

I was grinding my hips as dad licked me, his tongue was flicking fast as I moaned into his cock, my mouth sucking him eager while my fingers caressed softly his balls and thighs. Dad slid a finger in me slipping it in and out a couple times then rubbing it on my asshole. I moaned into his cock continuing to suck it. He did it again with his finger then pushed it into my ass slow while his tongue and lips were licking and pressed over my clit.

I could not understand or describe the feeling that I got from this act in the moment it happened, I did not understand it then. But the result was an eye rolling body shaking orgasm with only dad’s cock in my mouth preventing me screaming out in pleasure.

It took me many years to understand the feeling in that moment and none of it had to do with the physical act of what he did that day, as it did not add any physical pleasure for me. It was an emotional thing entirely. In doing it my mind somewhere down deep where I didn’t understand consciously knew that he could take me anyway and anyhow he wanted, and I would allow it. Now in this time I fully understand I love at least in the bedroom a man who will take control and surprise and excite me. That moment was just the real beginning of me just starting to understand my sexual identity for lack of a better phrase.

My orgasm had its effect on my dad to and almost before my breath was caught from it, he rolled us over to place me on my back and rolled off me. Getting up and in between my spread legs, he stroked his cock looking down at me and let out a soft deep moan that sent shivers down me that I loved. His cum shot out across my tummy landing between my breasts, then another on my stomach, then onto my pelvic area. Dad slapped his cock on my pussy making me bite my lip and he squeezed it causing more cum to come out from the tip which he rubbed into my pussy lips. Rubbing the head up on down on my lips.

“Rub it into your skin sweetie” dad said in lovingly tone and look.

I slide my hands over my body and rubbed his cum into my breasts, then down into my stomach and into my pussy. I kept my eyes on dads eyes the whole time.

My fingers were sticky with his cum and he looked at them as I rubbed his cum into my pussy.

“Slide them in” dad said hotly as he watched.

“Yes daddy” I told him softly and slid my sticky fingers in my pussy, two of them in and out. I saw how hot he found all this just by looking into his face. I took my fingers out after a short time and sucked them clean as he watched.

After dad lay on the bed and pulled me to him spooning with me before turning out my light. He kissed my neck in the dark pressing himself into me his hand stroking my side then wrapping his arm over me. He whispered how beautiful he found me and how much he loved me followed by more kisses on my neck and shoulder. I fell asleep this way.

The next thing I knew it was early morning and the light was starting to come into my window. I noticed a bag on top my dresser with a note stuck to it, possibly my toy from dad I thought. I was still nude in my long socks. Dad was gone, I knew he wouldn’t be back at least a week or so due to his work. I got up and took off my duvet and bunched it up taking it to the washing machine and starting it on wash. The last thing I wanted was mom smelling sex on it or something. I went back to my room and took off my socks then took the sticky note off the bag and read it.

“Sweetie, I hope you enjoy your new toys. I will enjoy seeing you use them. Love dad” it said.

I smiled and tore up the note putting it at the bottom of my trashcan, so mom didn’t find it. I opened the bag and took out the 2 boxes inside. One box was a vibrator and a strange extension from the side of it called the rabbit. It was purple, he got it in my favorite color, I smiled at this. The other toy was something else. A large silicone dildo with a suction cup at the base. On the back it said it would stick to most surfaces.

I took the two toys out of the boxes and hid the rabbit with my other toy and set the dildo aside. I disposed of the boxes in the trash in a way I didn’t think mom would find. I took the dildo and went to the shower. I can say it stuck nicely to the tile wall and worked quite well. I thought of the night before and also on the sofa with dad as I broke in my gift. I do think dad got me this one to see me use it and the other as more something I would love.

After my shower I dried and put the toy away, dressing in cut off shorts and a plain white tank top I went to find my brother, we needed to talk. Before I get to that though I need to give you some background on myself and my family and situation so you will understand why I was not freaked out about my brother seeing dad and I and running to tell mom.

I mentioned already how my mom wouldn’t indulge in the explicit dirty talk that dad seemed to love, never in the bedroom and certainly never ever in daily life would she even utter a swear word. She always tried to maintain a prim and proper appearance on the outside as to what others thought of her mattered to her greatly. Her private life she lived, as I am about to tell you about, she tried to keep private to all but those involved and inside her own circle.

In private mom would participate willingly in the visits to the nudist resorts and beaches well away from our home. She was also a swinger with dad, and they would swap partners and watch each other. I knew this because my brothers and my best friend Kristin and I, being the curious kids we were, sneaked about to see what the adults were up to and witnessed it at various times.

My best friend is Kristin, she and I have been friends for many years. Her parents are also close to my parents. Her mom is my mom’s best friend and they are both very much alike. We have spied on and seen my dad having sex with her mom and my mom with her dad and all four together. Kristin and I have seen and heard it when I was staying over at her house when they thought we were fast asleep as well as with my brothers in the middle of the night at a nudist resort as well as in our own house. I don’t think they were trying to hide it very hard as it was very easy for us, their children to find out about it as it occurred near us. They have also gone to parties many times where we were left with others.

I have thought about it a few times about why they were not more discrete about it, and I don’t really know. I never asked dad, but considering they were nudists perhaps it was simply being free to do it and been seen was something that they had no issue with.

This brings me to Ray. Ray is my dad’s best friend and both of them served in the military together and have been friends since. Ray was a playboy and liked to date much younger and very wild for the time women. I know dad envied Ray for this by the way he looked at the girls he dated as they were dressed in their tight mini dresses and the other revealing clothes of these times. He was taken with them looking sexy with their hair teased and styled while wearing the glam make-up that was common thing during the hair band era of music. Myself I had posters of bands like Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and Poison on my walls. I got along well with Ray’s girlfriend due to my love of the same music she loved, she even taught me how to do my hair and make-up like she does.

Ray’s current girlfriend is Cindy and she is a stripper at a local club and not much older than I was. Cindy claims to once have slept with Rick Savage of Def Leppard and is proud of telling people that. My mom thinks she is dreaming. She has shown me her pictures with the band. In a couple years after this I myself would attend some of these concerts and get backstage so I believe her, it was a wild time.

Mom does not like Cindy very much and kind of looks at her like she just stepped off a spaceship, but my parents have swung with Ray and some of his various girlfriends over the years. A lot of their parties tended to be at his house. Dad and Ray have a third friend from their military days named Paul and he is married to Susan. I know Paul and Susan have attended these parties as well.

I tell you all this because at this time in my life for both Kristin and I we thought this was normal and simply how all people lived. We thought most of our friend’s parents were just more discrete than ours were, the swinger lifestyle was the norm and not unusual. Learning that it was very different than most people lived was part of my awakening. My brothers and I had seen some of this together, so my brother Neil I knew would not run to mom or be freaked out. But he would be interested and curious, so it was best I talk to him sooner rather than later. I admit I was worried a little about what he would say.

He was not in the room he shared with out oldest brother Shane, who was still asleep. I went downstairs to the basement and saw one of his friend’s sleeping on the sofa. I did hear the shower in the basement bathroom running. I went into the bathroom seeing him through the glass shower door. I was used to seeing him naked due to the nudist visits, but he was growing into his frame nicely even since last time I saw him nude.

He saw me pull myself up and sit on the counter. It was not to long before he stepped out of the shower, I handed him the towel and he began to dry off.

“When did it start?” he asked me curiously and starting the talk for me.

“Just a few days ago” I said watching him dry himself.

“How did it start?” He asked now. This is one of the things I like about him, he is always straight to the point and practical. He didn’t let emotions get the better of his thoughts.

“Dad went to come get me for our TV night and he walked in on me using my vibrator with my panties aside and nipple clamps on” I said with a smirk, looking at his face for a reaction.

He looked at me a long moment I think debating to ask me about it, but swallowing and saying, “so he came on to you then?”

“No, he left actually. I fixed myself and followed. I had not completed and was still…, dads face when looking at me looked like yours last night, so asked him if he liked seeing it and wanted to see me do it again” I said looking at his face gauging his reaction to that.

My brother blushed red some to my words before saying “He did?”

I nodded smiling at him.

“So, one thing to another then?” he said understanding.

“Yes, pretty much” I said.

He thought as he combed his hair then said, “so its mutual, not forced or anything?”

“Yes, its mutual” I told him.

“It looked pretty mutual with you cumming on his face” said my brother smiling now.

I smacked his arm and said “Hey! You looked like you enjoyed seeing it.”

“Oh, I did sis, it was pretty hot with you squirming in only those socks” he said smiling at me.

I blushed brightly I’m sure before saying “yeah I guess I wasn’t the only one cumming”.

He didn’t blush again, but just smiled and said “What do you expect? I’m only human.”

He looked at me again as he slipped on a pair of shorts and said, “did you mind me watching?”

I shook my head and said, “No actually, we have seen some stuff so I figured you could handle it”.

“Yes, we have. You don’t have to worry about me telling anyone sis, it will be between us. I only ask for one thing if you don’t mind” he said smiling at me.

I looked at him a bit wary and said, “What’s that?”

A bigger smile from him before he said, “just that you’re good with it if I watch you again, if I come across your illicit activities”. He almost laughed at my expression to this.

I gave him another smack in the arm and sighed before saying “That is all? I don’t have to wash your dirty underwear or something?”

There was a struggle on his face to not make a joke or take advantage of that question, but I guess he seen my serious look and replied, “No that is it sis, whatever else is up to you”.

I blushed but I couldn’t help but ask, “will you stroke yourself again watching?”

He looked at me almost challenging me and said, “do you mind if I do?”

I slid off the counter heading to the door before turning and answering him with I’m sure was a blush “No, not at all.”

My brother surprised me a bit that day, but it shouldn’t have as he has always been more mature and thoughtful about everything for his age. Like me he found refuge in books and stories and for him also video games. We teased each other a lot but we got along well. I am glad it was not my oldest brother who seen dad and I as he was quite different from either Neil or I.

It was almost 2 weeks before my dad returned from his job working out of town. It was early Friday morning about 4 am when I was awoken by him with kisses and his hand caressing my hair. When I was awake his kiss became hot and needy.

He looked over me at the sleeping Kristin on the other side of my bed and whispered to me, “get the new dildo sweetie and come down to the basement”. Dad got up and left the room and I slid out of bed quietly and looked over at Kristin making sure she was still sleeping. Although I had told her about dad and well, I told her everything as she did me, I still didn’t want to wake her. I quietly got the new dildo and moved through the house down to the basement.

Dad was already stepping into the shower when I entered the bathroom, leaving the door part way open, I slipped off my panties and stepped into the shower with my toy.

Dad took my in his arms under the water kissing me with a hunger and passion. He brushed some hair out of my eyes saying, “I missed you sweetie”.

“I missed you to Daddy” I said softly looking up at him, I knew he missed me in part because he was hard already.

He got the soap and we washed each other, it was a wonderful loving feeling that came over me as I soaped and washed dad, a much hotter feeling when I washed his cock and balls and stroked it as he kissed me. Dad washing me in return was heavenly with his big hands caressing and soaping and cleaning every inch of me. By the time his soapy fingers slid over my pussy and he slipped one inside, I felt my knees would give out.

I stuck the dildo on the wall of the shower stroking it with my soapy fingers. Dad watched me as I bent over guiding it into my pussy, pushing on it and taking it deep. I began moving on it as he watched, his fingers stroking my breasts in the falling water and then sliding between my legs, his strong fingers helping as I ground my hips on the toy.

Dad watched me with his face filled with lust as he said, “It’s so hot watching you take cock sweetie”.

His words helped inflame me more with my moans growing. Dad kissed me, pressing his lips tight to me and I moaned into his mouth as I came. He held me kissing me as I slowed. I reached for and took his cock stroking it, he then guided my mouth down to it. I began to suck dad’s cock while pushing on the dildo sliding my pussy on it.

Dad pushed into my mouth further forcing me back onto the toy and I rocked between it in my pussy and dad’s cock in my mouth.

“You look even hotter now” said dad in a hot low tone.

He moved faster and deeper into my mouth and pushing my body against toy hard sending it deep inside me. His cock head pressing my throat and me fighting not to gag, he eased off a bit when I did and then pushed again. I breathed calm through nose trying to relax, remembering my breathing exercises from dancing, remain calm relax and steady. The head pushed into my throat, dad pushing himself into my mouth my nose into his pelvis, his cock was pushed all the way in. Sliding back to the tip before he did it again, then again. This also send the toy deep in me, over and over.

Dad moaned with his cock so deep in my mouth “Oh fuck yes my little slut, swallow it all”.

I was shocked by the bluntness of dad’s words, but I remembered this is how he wanted to talk to mom. I knew dad meant it in a good way in his excitement.

I moaned sliding back and forth on the toy as dad fucked my mouth. He pulled out quick stepping back and squeezed the base of his cock.

“Fuck sweetie, you almost made me cum” said dad in a hot low voice.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” I said confused by it.

“Not when I want to cum elsewhere sweetie” said dad eyeing me with a hot look.

He pulled me off the toy to him and kissed me pressing my body tight to him. After he broke the kiss, he smiled at me before saying “Let dry off quick sweetie and move elsewhere.”

We dried off quick and dad scooped me up and carried me out of the bathroom into the den area of basement where he lay me down on a sofa there.

He spread my thighs and looked up at me as he got between them his fingers rubbing my pussy with two sliding inside me, he slid them in and out several times before removing them. Dad showed me my juices before he sucked off his fingers and said to me hotly “you’re so delicious sweetie”.

He pressed his tongue to my pussy swirling it making me moan “Oh daddy…”.

I would find out later through dating and various boyfriends and eventually my husband that my dad was exceptionally good at this. It was not long before that with the skillful use of his tongue, lips and fingers that I was moaning out “Yes… Yes…, Oh Yes”, and Cumming for him as my body was flooded with the pleasure, he brought me.

Dad slid up and kissed me with me returning that kiss just as hotly, our tongues entwined as lovers. When it broke, he looked into my eyes and asked again like he did the first time “are you sure Sweetie?”.

I wasn’t, not really. I was nervous and scared what could happen with my family and those around it and to him and me. I had a choice here as I didn’t have with my uncle, dad was giving me that choice now. I was hot and excited as well and there was really only one answer that I wanted to give him.

“Yes daddy” I said in a whisper.

I moaned and closed my eyes while biting my lower lip as he rubbed his cock tip on my pussy. I gripped his arms as he pushed into me. Then he was on top me fully and in me saying hotly “You are so tight; you feel so good Janet”.

I am forever grateful dad was kind and gentle that first time and left the dirty talk aside. He started grinding his hips slow and I responded, grinding into him my sensitive button pressing into his pelvic bone making me moan “Yes… daddy yes…”.

He kissed me hot and needful as he moved his hips excitedly thrusting his cock deep into me. I wrapped my legs around him grinding myself back, my hands and arms caressing his sides and back. In the past with uncle, I had never come with just penetration without stimulating my clit as well, although it felt good, I had always needed that. This time though was different, whether it was me grinding against his pelvic bone or the pure excitement and heat of the moment, or both, I felt it building in me fast and overcoming me.

I gripped dad tight clutching my arms and legs to him moaning out “Yes… Daddy I’m Cumming!” I bucked and moaned under him as it hit me, washing over me. I heard dad say in a hot whisper “Oh fuck sweetie”, as my pussy gripped him tight in my release.

Dad wanted to change positions now, from his breathing I think it was because I almost made him cum, and he wanted it to last. In the change of position, he gave himself a moment to recover.

Dad had me kneel on the sofa my hands on the back of it. He moved standing behind me and pushed his cock back into me. He thrust into me and slid one hand to my breasts caressing and rubbing my nipples while the other hand moved to rub my clit. I was grinding myself eagerly back on his cock, it felt so good.

I looked about the basement to see if my brother was looking from somewhere. I had expected him to follow, as since our talk as he has been showing up more where I was. He was not there though, sleeping through it likely.

With dad’s thrusts and his rubbing my clit and nipples I was moaning softly and constantly for him letting him know I was thoroughly enjoying it. Unable to swear around my mother at all, I now swore using it where it was appropriate.

“Fuck me daddy, yes… yes… yes” I moaned to him grinding back on his thrusting cock.

This set my dad loose as he groaned out and increased his thrusting “Fuck Janet, take my cock, make it your toy.”

“Yes daddy, give me that cock, fuck yes…daddy!” I replied because I both meant it and I knew it would turn him on more.

Grinding into dad and him thrusting into me and rubbing my clit as well as the dirty talk continued, and I found I was enjoying it greatly during the heat of sex. It was a turn on and excited me more with the effect I knew it was having on him, his thrusts becoming more frantic and quicker, our body slapping together over and over.

“Yes…, Yes…, Fuck Yes… Daddy… I… Cumming!” I couldn’t help but say out loud as I came on dads thrusting cock, my pussy gripping him tight and soaking him as I did.

That was all too much for dad as he moaned in strained voice “fuck Janet fuck…”

I felt his cock and its spasms as dad pushed deep in me moaning “Oh fuck”, and Cumming in me. He was panting holding me still, then after a short time was thrusting again slow, kissing my neck and massaging my breasts.

“Mmm… I love you sweetie…” dad proclaimed as he kissed my neck and cheek, thrusting even slower.

“I love you too Daddy” I said in whisper, my body still in the glow of my own orgasm.

We separated and he pulled me into his lap, we kissed on the sofa caressing each other for many long minutes. We then got up and went back to the shower to clean off again. It was then as we were washing dad asked, “are you on birth control sweetie?” With a look like he just thought of it, I think he did.

“Yes daddy, but only less then 3 weeks now” I told him. He had a look of both concern and I think arousal as his hand also reached caressing my dripping pussy under the shower.

I wanted to do badly what I did next as I slid to my knees in the shower and took dads wet cock in my fingers and warm mouth. I looked up at him as my lips slid around his cock and I began sucking it, and dad soon grew hard under my attention.

Dad caressed my hair looking down at me as I sucked him and said, “If you are trying to get me to fuck you again Janet, you are doing a good job.”

“Yes Daddy” I said letting his cock slid from my mouth to say it.


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