It Is Set In Stone; Gigi Is The Queen Of South African Rap!!

It Is Set In Stone; Gigi Is The Queen Of South African Rap!!

The queen of consistency and genius talent gives us yet another album; Set in Stone following the success of her 2021 Mermaids and Stuff release. Allow us to take you through the album.

You know number one is always a winner, so is this single that will leave you gasping “OMG!!!”. Gigi really said hold my gin and gave us this heat of a number titled Oh My Gin, this one is top two and definitely not number 2. Gigi aka ‘Moreki’ aka ‘Ms. WhatDoYouWantAtTheBar’ gave this beat a bad baddie personality, big boy energy. You can literally hear the sauce on this song, it is on another level and a sound nothing like what you have heard from Gigi, the queen is going all the way up!

Going to our second track George Goch which has featured the illiest kids in the game right now; Majorsteez and the lyricist MusiholiQ. A banger indeed! Not even bad omen can stop this song from being a banger, mthakathi one side success all the way! The Majorsteez duo known for their Asbonge hit-single are certified hit makers because they delivered the same sauce on this single giving it that spice it needed. The versatile MusiholiQ easily makes it look and sound effortlessly cool to transition that Maskandi sound to a trap vibration.

This single is a FAVOURITE! iLotto which features the punchliner Aux Cable, the Ndebele rapper Kid X and not forgetting Phantomsteez with the bars! You know when you win the lotto you are a baller and unstoppable, this track sounds like that Powerball money; RICH. This new Hip-Hop sound is Gigi’.

Is it even a Gigi Lamayne project if it doesn’t have any female rappers collaboration. Good Good is our fourth track which features Don Calya, the duo brings an international sound to this South African curated beat. Our newcomer seems to have figured out the entire game already, she delivers her lines in an unique yet catchy way that will leave you hooked and yearning to hear more. We all know by now that Gigi is the best writer, you can call her smurf because when you think she has done some of her best work the talent keeps coming out the blue!

Fabiani is a classic banger of note! It takes you down memory lane back to the days where Amapanstula would all dress up in their cleanest attires and go rock the streets! It features Alfa Kat who brings us that Motswako sound definitely holding it down for all the motswako lovers out there with a touch of modern sound. Naethebae is the dynamite they always mention comes in small packages, she completely delivered on this song pushing herself to the max.

We live in a world where we are constantly in battle with spirits that surround us and sadly, they are driven by jealousy and hate which drive them to evil. Empini is the prayer for protection against evil doings on earth targeted at us to hinder us from succeeding, Gigi got Big Zulu to jump on this track tag teaming Anzo as well who gives us an amazing chorus with an insightful message.

2022 the year of 2s, why be single when you can be two. Wer U R is the new age love song defining that old love from two high school lovers who keep on growing together through it all. The transition from the trap beat to the mellow  . Fun fact about this song it was recorded and produced before Rihanna and ASAP announced their pregnancy, Gigi more like gogo predicted all this before it happened.

“Rich boy body with the bag on the way” is track number eight titled Radio which introduces the new sound Gigi is bringing to South African hip hop. Her articulation from that high pitch to the normal range shows how flexible she is and how far she is willing to stretch to showcase her different styles of delivery.

B Day giving us that ‘Nicki Minaj’ sound, with the ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ feel racing on the freeway in your Lambor while bae pulls their Maserati. Bring your money I will bring money why not be Bonnie and Clyde and hustle together and get the paper together and live in riches and luxury

The transition from Hip-Hop to Amapiano was not a hard task for the leading lady because already she has a credible pen game, with Busiswa has earned her crown with her unique style of deliverance, she is the biggest Xhosa female MC who is a trendsetter giving us hit after hit! Makhadzi comes in with the flavourful Venda language on the beat, making the sound an all-rounder across different genres as it accommodates all of SA. Mashonisa is our bonus track.

Album list

Gigi Lamayne – Oh My Gin

Gigi Lamayne Feat. Majorsteez & MusiholiQ – George Gorch

Gigi Lamayne Feat. Aux Cable, Kid X & Phantomsteez – iLotto

Gigi Lamayne Feat. Don Calya – Good Good

Gigi Lamayne Feat. Alfa Kat & Naethebae – Fabiani

Gigi Lamayne Feat. Anzo & Big Zulu – Empini

Gigi Lamayne – Wer U R

Gigi Lamayne – Radio

Gigi Lamayne – B Day

Gigi Lamayne Feat. Busiswa & Makhadzi – Mashonisa (bonus track)


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