Islamic group, Taawun frowns at Oyetola over Osun APC primary


Islamic group, Taawun frowns at Oyetola over Osun APC primary


An Islamic militia and propagatory body, Taawun has expressed its grievances at Governor Oyetola over process of the House of Assembly primary in Iwo.


This was contained in a statement signed by the political wing media of the religious group.

The group stated that the leaders of the All Progressives’ Congress and Governor Oyetola should expect consequence.

The militia group added that they will surely reap what they sow.

“For every action, there is a reaction. Everything we do has its own consequences, and whatever the APC leaders in Osun sow, they will surely reap”, the statement contained.

“As Osun House of Assembly primary has come to an end, the Taawun Political Forum wants them to know clearly that Adelaja is the bridge and the red line.

“We understand the game they played and the permutation that was carried out in Osogbo before they later concluded to hold the late hour direct primary election.

“We salute the bold step taken by Hourable Abdul Rasaq Salinsile despite the intimidation, and some members of his group. We also appreciate the good stand taken by leaders of APC in Oke-Adan Ward 2. Likewise, those who voted for Adelaja in Molete ward 3 and Isale oba ward 3.

“We have our people in APC as we have them in all parties. So, it is whichever party that supports and adopts our candidate that will get our votes. Respect is receprocal as our mentor always says.

“But the recent event is an indication that the political parties need reformation. Likewise, in any subsequent election, we should always vote for credible candidates and not a party”, the statement expressed.

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