Is Rap Truly Dead? – 5 Rap Albums That Blew Our Mind This Year (WN Picks)

Is Rap Truly Dead? – 5 Rap Albums That Blew Our Mind This Year (WN Picks)

The Nigerian music industry has experienced different levels of change over the years, and one of those moments is the introduction of ‘cruise music’ that makes it hard to differentiate creative works from noise. Because these type of songs makes us dance, and is a great tune for parties, other genres are starting to suffer from it. 

In one of the unexpected events that have happened in the last couple of days, popular Nigerian musician, Wizkid openly stated online that rap is dead, sparking debates online on the thought behind that opinion.

Reacting to Wizkid’s statement, popular Nigerian rapper, M.I Abaga also known as The Guy stated that rap is still very much alive, listing the names of rap artists in the country who are doing really great to push the genre.

Also, M.I urged rappers to focus even more this time because the energy around hip-hop feels right and there is more to be done. 

“The energy around hip-hop right now feels right.. I know most rappers are still not the most popular yet.. but right now is time for us to focus on the craft.. just keep getting better.. this year we did so well as a genre and next year we grow!!!!”

Regardless of how Wizkid’s statement came off or the disrespect in it, the important question remains about the rap genre in Nigeria.

Nigerian singer, Wizkid says rap is dead in an interview with 10 Magazine.

Is Rap Truly Dead?

The answer to this question would be a huge no for anyone who has been active and followed up on trends in the Nigerian music industry simply because rap is still very much alive. The fact that it is not as popular as other genres do not invalidate its existence.

Looking back from the days of Eedris Abdulkareem, Trybesmen, Ruggedman, Sinzu, and Weird MC to what rap is right now, we can safely say rap was not totally accepted in Nigeria, to begin with. First, there was the cultural factor, then the listener’s preference. 

When we talk about rap in Nigeria, many believe the only way rap could sell was by being indigenous but over time, that has also proven to be false. We have seen indigenous rappers fail and we have seen rappers who rap fully in English thrive. This is where the listener’s factor sets it.

On whether or not rap is dead in Nigeria, we have to look at what rap currently is, the people doing it and how successful they are, and what type of audience they command.

With a quick look at artists like M.I Abaga, Vector The Viper, Erigga, Blaqbonez, and Show Dem Camp who all released brilliant albums this year, we can confidently say that rap is not dead in Nigeria.

M.I Abaga’s The Guy

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The Guy is M.I’s fifth solo album, and it is a compilation of brilliant sounds, crazy lyrics, and pure vibes for anyone. The hype aside, the numbers speak for the album. In the first 24hrs after its release, The Guy recorded 1 million streams, making it the top 200 Albums on Apple Music US at that time.

Also, it was #4 in Hip-Hop/Rap genre and #24 in other genres on Apple Music in the UK.

The album also had great collaborations with artists like Nas, Olamide, Duncan Mighty, Wande Coal, Chills, BNXN (Buju), Lord Vido, Ossi Grace, The Cavemen, Phyno, Tomi Owo, and of course, his day ones – Ice Prince and his brother, Jesse Jagz.

The Guy is a masterpiece.

Vector’s Teslim: The Energy Still Lives In Me

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This is Vector’s fourth studio album and according to an article published earlier, Teslim: The Energy Still Lives In Me is a lyrical composition that lives up to its name. This body of work is filled with innuendos, punchlines, and satirical expressions, positioning Vector as that creative and talented rapper we all know him to be.

He has been interviewed by several media outlets including Audiomack Africa regarding the album.

Teslim: The Energy Still Lives In Me, Vector addressed many issues from love, to fame, and societal issues.

Blaqbonez’s Young Preacher

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This is Blaqbonez’s second studio album following ‘Sex Over Love’ which amassed lots of streams from his fans, particularly because he has been able to connect with an audience that can relate to his type of music.

Young Preacher further proves that Blaqbonez remains one of the self-promoted artists in Nigeria simply because of the creative ways he pushes his songs.

Also, the young chap is not in competition with anyone but just wants to do his rap and serve his fans the great music they deserve.

Erigga’s The Lost Boy

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Erigga is one of the Nigerian artists that has carved out a niche for himself through his inventive pidgin rapping. For an artist who found his style and stuck to it, Erigga is doing well with his musical career.

The album The Lost Boy discusses depression and Erigga’s use of puns and proverbs throughout the album distinguishes him as a force in the music space.

Show Dem Camp’s Palmwine Express

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Show Dem Camp’s The Palmwine Express, their second album of the year, is a creative blend of hip-hop, juju, R&B, pop, and Nigeria’s historic palm-wine music, featuring Tems, Nonso, Burna Boy, and others.

The duo has proven to be some of the best Nigerian rappers able to diversify and still serve tremendous and soothing music.


For a genre said to be dead, five beautiful and successful albums are enough to prove otherwise. These albums all addressed important issues ranging from everyday lifestyle to societal issues but still serve as entertaining. For anyone to therefore decide that rap is dead in Nigeria, it is easy to conclude that their taste in music is up for some scrutiny.

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