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Is divorce the best solution to broken and unhappy marriages?


Is divorce the best solution to broken and unhappy marriages?

Is divorce the best solution to broken and unhappy marriages?

The number of divorces we see on the internet everyday, is enough to discourage the younger generation on getting married. But how did we ever get here?

What happened to “till death do us part” ? , What happened to “for better and for worse” ? Couples experiencing serious problems like intense conflict, abuse, mental health issues, alcohol and drug misuse, or financial mismanagement, often find divorce a good solution.

However, for people who have “fallen out of love” or experience relationship issues, divorce often isn’t the solution many people think it will be. If you have been thinking of getting a divorce, it is important to know that a divorce doesn’t guarantee happiness or fulfillment.

Many people blame their spouse or their relationship in general when they’re unhappy without fully examining the true source of their unease. They have high expectations of what their spouse will and should do for them, or how their spouse should behave, and when those often unexplored expectations aren’t met they decide divorce is the solution.

Many couples in this situation seem to think divorce will produce a miracle and make their lives better – but there’s no magic bullet. If you’re thinking about getting a divorce, it’s important to view the situation from a realistic perspective, and that can be really tough to do when emotions are involved.

Also, we have a natural human tendency to see things only from our own perspective. So we miss a great deal of important information when operating from a narrow perspective and this leads to poor decision making.

It is possible to repair a marriage or married life that has already suffered severe damage, but this requires both sides’ work and commitment to repair a broken relationship effectively.

Ultimately, divorce can’t deliver happiness. Always keep that in mind.

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