iPod Touch officially discontinued, ending the iPod line after 20 years

iPod Touch officially discontinued, ending the iPod line after 20 years

iPod Touch officially discontinued, ending the iPod line after 20 years

Apple has officially announced the discontinuation of the latest model iPod Touch, ending its iconic iPod product line, which began with the launch of the original iPod in October 2001. Although Apple did not create the portable music player market, it captured the imagination. world at the time, with its unique scroll wheel and convenient shape and size. In addition to various iterations of the original iPod, Apple has also sold the extremely popular iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod Touch series over the past few years.

The company eventually shrunk the portfolio, dropping the iPod (later renamed iPod Classic), iPod nano, and iPod shuffle in recent years. The series had not been updated since the launch of the 7th generation iPod Touch in mid-2019, which came four years after the previous refresh and was the only model remaining on sale. Even its presence on Apple’s official website had been reduced as other products, notably the iPhone, had replaced it.

Apple’s iPod has become a pop culture sensation, with several iconic advertisements showcasing the white headphones that came with it. Excitement ran high whenever a new model was to be launched. The original iPod, with its 5GB capacity and FireWire connection, was exclusively compatible with Macs, but Apple in 2003 capitalized on the line’s popularity and announced a Windows version of the iTunes application needed to manage music on iPods at the time. The move would be credited with helping Apple establish its brand identity in the era of Steve Jobs.

Over the past 20 years, Apple has introduced new features such as the Click Wheel with an integrated touch surface and buttons and flash memory from the iPod nano line. The iTunes Music Store allowed users to buy and sync music, before streaming became mainstream and Apple replaced it with Apple Music. When the iPhone was first unveiled in 2007, it was presented as an iPod with touch controls as well as an internet-connected device and a mobile phone.

With the growing popularity of the iPhone as well as streaming services, Apple narrowed its focus on the iPod line, and the lack of updates beyond the 7th generation iPod Touch indicated the eventual discontinuation of the range for years.

While the iPod Touch was sometimes touted as a more affordable gaming device or internet-connected device for kids, it’s less relevant now in the age of streaming content. Apple now says this model will remain available while supplies last, but suggests its various other products, including iPhones, Apple Watch and HomePod mini, as ways to listen to music on the go and at home.


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