Incredible space and geo-engineering restrictions

Incredible space and geo-engineering restrictions

Incredible space and geo-engineering restrictions

Why is this important: Scientists believe that spraying sulfur dioxide or other reflective particles into the stratosphere in sufficient quantities could offset some level of global warming. But the unknown side effects, coupled with the difficult questions of how to govern a temperature-adjustment technology, make it highly controversial.

And after: The startup did not seek approval before its balloon launch. Now, by announcing its intention to ban all future solar geoengineering experiments, Mexico may be one of the first nations, if not the first, to announce an explicit ban on such projects. Read the full story.

—James Temple

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The unavoidable

I’ve scoured the internet to find you today’s funniest/important/scariest/fascinating stories about technology.

1 Pressure mounts on Germany to send tanks to Ukraine
Ukraine desperately needs it, but Germany fears provoking Russia. (voice)
+ NATO allies are increasingly exasperated. (FT$)
+ The German Foreign Minister would not prevent Poland from sending theirs. (BBC)
+ If released, the tanks could help secure a Ukrainian victory (Economist $)

2 Thousands marched to mark the 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade
Protesters demonstrated in 46 states across the United States. (NYT$)
+ What the Roe verdict leak can teach future leakers. (The Interception)
+ The future of medical abortion will eventually be fought out in court. (voice)
+ The cognitive dissonance of watching Roe’s ending unfold online. (MIT Technology Review)

3 Crypto pseudo-banks are dying
And they can take some people’s savings with them. (WSJ$)
+ FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried is certainly not going quietly. (Slate $)
+ Investors on the crypto exchange Gemini are increasingly worried. (FT$)

4 Confidential US Police Files Stolen In Major Hack
The thieves also stole tactical raid plans and a suspect report. (Tech Crunch)

5 Donald Trump is reportedly about to abandon his own social media platform
He wants to get back on Twitter just as the Republican primary heats up in June. (Rolling stone $)

6 Ultrasound Technology Isn’t Just For Pregnancy Scans
AI and other advancements have made it a powerful diagnostic tool. (New Yorkers $)

7 Live streaming is one of Big Tech’s biggest challenges
It’s devilishly difficult to moderate. (FT$)


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