If You Want To See Real World War 3, Let Every First Born Child Be DNA Tested – Reno Tells Nigerians | AfroNaija

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If You Want To See Real World War 3, Let Every First Born Child Be DNA Tested – Reno Tells Nigerians


If You Want To See Real World War 3, Let Every First Born Child Be DNA Tested – Reno Tells Nigerians

Famous Nigerian author Reno Omokri believes Nigerians gripped with fear of World War 3 breaking out from the Russia-Ukraine conflict is laughable.

The Russian military commenced a large-scale military attack on Ukraine, a southern neighbor after receiving orders from President Vladimir Putin.

There are reports of attacks on Ukrainian military infrastructure across the country, and Russian convoys entering from all directions. In a speech delivered by President Putin said that Russia doesn’t want to occupy Ukraine however would demilitarise the country.

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He also warned that there will be a swift response should any country interfere with the military operation. He stated without mincing words that there will be severe consequences that have never been witnessed before should any country interfere.

As women and children scamper for safety, every Ukrainian man stays back to defend his homeland as other countries have denied interfering the conflict between the two countries.

The fear of World War 3 has been serenading the atmosphere and Reno Omokri finds it very ridiculous. He believes the real World War 3 will suffice if the first born child of all Nigerian marriages be DNA tested.

According to him, the results from the DNA test will result in the real World War 3 that Nigerians keep talking about.

See his post below;

In other news, Shan George, an experienced actress, has spoken out against sleeping with directors and producers for a chance at fame.

Shan George encouraged actresses not to put their trust in just one director or producer behind the camera.

Shan told Saturday Beats, “If I have to advise anyone going into acting now, I would tell them not to give themselves to one director or producer somewhere behind the camera. You cannot sleep your way to stardom. When it is time to show the main stuff you are made of on camera, you are going to mess yourself up. As a matter of fact, they will drop you like a plate of hot potato.

“So, read your script religiously, do your rehearsals and be ready to deliver the roles you are given. I don’t believe all the nonsense about people sleeping around to become stars. Sometimes, when I hear these things, I laugh. How are you go ing to sleep around to become a star? Where would you start from? You are going to only sleep around to get in front of the camera but if you cannot deliver, they will just throw you away. There is no way you can sleep your way to the top in this industry.”

The light-skinned actress also stated that she still hopes to experience true love, even at 51. She said, “I am still searching for love, please. I am not saved yet. I am still an ‘armed robber’ waiting to be wooed.”

On whether she has had any terrible love experiences, she said, “I have never really had that kind of experience. I have been married twice. (Marriage to) my first husband, who is the father of all of my kids, and my second husband, did not work out because of a couple of things. He lived in England, while I lived in Nigeria, so there was a gap. Because of that, we both went our separate ways. There were no hard feelings. Maybe when I am 60, I will find the experience I am looking for.”

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