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If he is doing these 9 things, he doesn’t love you enough


If he is doing these 9 things, he doesn’t love you enough

If he is doing these 9 things, he doesn’t love you enough

Does he love me enough? Women always keep wondering if their partner loves them. Even when he keeps assuring her of his undying love, she still has doubts.

Love is a beautiful thing and it’s more beautiful when the person you love, loves you in return. If he claims to love you, then he needs to support his words with action because talk is cheap.

Any man can say the words “I love you,” but it’s his actions that show whether or not he truly loves you. If you want to know if he truly loves you, then you need to pay attention to how he treats you.

If he does any of these nine things to you, he doesn’t love you enough.

1. He hides things from you, doesn’t include you in his life

If your boyfriend keeps important information about his life from you, he doesn’t love you enough. If he truly loves you, you should be a part of his life and should know what’s going on in his life.

2. He asks you to give up your dreams:

If your boyfriend doesn’t support your goals and aspirations, it’s a sign he doesn’t mean you well. If he loves you like he claims, he will want you to succeed or achieve your dreams. A man who loves you won’t encourage you to drop your dreams completely.

3. Cheats on you all the time:

If your man loves you, he will find it hard to cheat on you. Even when he is tempted, he will try to resist. If he loves, he would be concerned about your happiness and he knows cheating will jeopardize your happiness. He can’t keep sleeping with other women and claim to love you.

4. He repetitively lies to you

You know he’s telling you lies. He lies to your face even when he is caught red-handed, but you keep believing he will change some day. He may be lying because he doesn’t want to hurt you with the truth but that’s no excuse for lying. If he really loves you, he should be able to trust you with the truth.

5. He asks you to change who you are

He should let you be you. He should make you change your appearance if you’re not comfortable doing so. He should not force you to wear revealing clothes, get a tattoo and pierce parts of your body or any other thing you don’t want to. Your body belongs to you and you should be able to decide what you want for yourself. After all he saw you the way you were before he came after you, why would he now want you to change.

6. Refuses to meet you family and friends

If he really loves you, he will want to be a part of your world and would hesitate to get acquainted with your friends. Yes, meeting the family may be a big step but he would agree to meet them if you’ve been together for months. If he doesn’t want anything to do with your family and friends, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

7. He isolates you from your family and friends

It’s dangerous for him to keep you away from your family and friends. Once a man starts to isolate you from the people who care about you and love you, it’s a sign he is up to no good. If your man is keeping you away from the people who are important to you, he is not loving you in a healthy way.

8. He abuses you physically, verbally or emotionally

Nobody should tolerate violence. You are nobody’s punching bag. Getting hit by man is not a sign that he loves you. You deserve to be treated like the princess you are. Your boyfriend doesn’t love you enough if he has no issues beating you up, insulting you and making you fell less than a human being.

9. You always come last

If your man constantly puts every other thing before you, he doesn’t love you as much as he claims to. If he loves you, he will spend time with you. He can’t keep choosing his friends over you all the time and claim to love you.

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