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“I Think I Got Internal Bleeding” – Rapper Describes Getting Hit by Mike Tyson in the Stomach


“I Think I Got Internal Bleeding” – Rapper Describes Getting Hit by Mike Tyson in the Stomach

The world has seen how devastating Mike Tyson can be once he takes up the ring space. Back in the 1990s, Tyson was the flamboyant star of the game who hammered a majority of his opponents with thunderous power. Despite retiring from the sport, Tyson still keeps himself active with his rugged boxing workouts, and even today, he boasts a significant amount of power.

Recently, the American rapper T-pain unveiled a hilarious anecdote where he faced the wrath of Tyson’s paramount power.

Talking to Real 92.3 LA, he said, “Mike Tyson hit me in the stomach when we was taking a picture. ‘Like you got to get in the gym, man, ‘ and he f****n slapped my stomach. I was like, oh that’s why I don’t box.”

“That s**t hurt so much. He’s tapping me, I think I got internal bleeding still right now. He was just like a playful tap, he’s like I don’t know my own strength.”

The entire studio cracked up laughing when they listened to this story from the rap sensation. Although, it was light-hearted, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’s hands still hurt T-pain.

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Tyson is the most charismatic boxing sensation who’s taken the sport to a whole new level. Right from his debut until today, he’s pinned himself as one of the brightest faces of boxing, and he still captivates extensive eyeballs towards himself.

A few months back, ‘Iron’ Mike stepped inside the boxing ring for an exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr. Here, he fared exuberantly well and did his job of entertaining the vast boxing audience.

Mike Tyson – The one-punch knockout star

Tyson redefined the heavyweight roster with his exemplary power and fight IQ. With his cracking prowess, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ piled onto the top and earned the legendary tag.

Furthermore, fans back then saw his fights to see his one-punch knockouts. This was a testament to his fierce power.

There was no one like Mike Tyson before. And there’ll be no one like him to ever grace the ring again. He was truly one of a kind, as he left an incredible legacy for every budding boxer to follow.

What do you draw off this story?

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