‘I Think He Missed a Great Opportunity’- Gilbert Burns Criticizes Leon Edwards’ Performance Against Nate Diaz


‘I Think He Missed a Great Opportunity’- Gilbert Burns Criticizes Leon Edwards’ Performance Against Nate Diaz

Gilbert Burns, #3 in the welterweight roster of the ultimate fighting championship, shared his view on the Leon Edwards vs Nate Diaz fight at UFC 263 in an interview. Even though it was a thrilling match, several people criticized the Englishman’s performance that night.


Gilbert Burns was one of them. Recently, Burns appeared in the SCMP MMA podcasts and talked about the Leon Edwards vs Nate Diaz fight among other things.

Burns said, “Leon Edwards fight- I think he was beating Nate easily, and he wasn’t feeling any danger and he kinda relaxed a little and got hit very hard and but he was able to stay in the fight a little and recover go to the end and clear he beat Nate Diaz at least four rounds easily.”

He added, “But sometimes it’s not enough you know to win the fans. He won the fight he did but I think Masvidal did better you know a lot of guys did better RDA (Rafael das Anjos) did way better and I can count a lot of guys that beat Nate Diaz a lot better than Leon Edwards did way more convincing and way more fun to watch.” 

Although Rocky outlasted one of the big names in the UFC, Gilbert Burns seemed unsatisfied with his performance in the fight. According to the Brazilian native, Edwards might have missed an enormous opportunity in his career.

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Gilbert Burns says Leon Edwards missed a big opportunity

Gilbert Burns (19-4) has an impressive MMA career. He was on a six-win streak before he lost against Kamaru Usman in a title bout. However, he is all set to bounce back in his next fight against Stephen Thompson in a co-main event at UFC 264. Recently Burns expressed his opinion on the performance of fellow welterweight fighter Leon Edwards.

‘Rocky’ faced Nate Diaz in a gruesome five-round scrap at UFC 263. It was a bloodbath when both the men clashed inside the octagon. Even though Edwards almost dominated the first four rounds of the fight, Diaz retaliated in the last round and almost knocked out Edwards. Both men were on their feet at the end of the fight, but the 29 years old emerged victorious via unanimous decision.

While expressing his views on Edwards’s performance Burns said, “I think he missed a very good opportunity. He’s supposed to be the one fighter for the title but because of his performance not because the last punch landed but because you didn’t try to finish.”

He added, “I don’t think he did that way and then the fans are not behind him a lot of people are not behind him because if he comes back he gonna do the same and people don’t wanna see that.”

Following the fight, Nate Diaz said he will continue to fight in the roster. Meanwhile, Leon Edwards might get a title shot after his win over Diaz. However, Colby Covington and Gilbert Burns are also relevant in the picture.

What do you make out of Gilbert Burns’ words? Did you like Leon Edwards’ performance against Nate Diaz? Let us know in the comments.

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