I May Quit Tottenham If…–Conte

I May Quit Tottenham If…–Conte

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte says he may be forced to quit the team if the fans continue to boo his players.

The Italian tactician made this known after the Spurs’ 2-0 loss to Liverpool in Sunday’s Premier League.

Recall that Spurs were loudly booed down the tunnel at half-time, trailing 2-0 against Liverpool having conceded the first goal for the sixth successive game. Harry Kane reduced the deficit in the 70th minute but they could not find an equaliser.

In his reaction, Conte said, “We have to show in every moment great respect for our fans,” said Conte. “They are our fans. They pay for the tickets. At the same time, if you ask me if I was a bit disappointed, yes… because it’s important in every moment to be honest.

“I continue to repeat the same thing. We have just started a process. After one year, we have made lot of improvement. If someone thinks we are already ready to win I have to be honest and tell you it will be really, really difficult.

“I can’t promise at this moment to win trophies. At this moment, we are far from it. I continue to ask for time and patience. I have the experience to tell you we are far from other teams that are used to winning and have a squad strong to win.

“If we understand this together, it will be good. Everybody wants to win. I am the first who wants to win. If everybody has time and patience it’s OK, otherwise we continue this season and we see at the end what happens at the end.


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