I Married As Virgin At 33 – Chigul Spills

I Married As Virgin At 33 – Chigul Spills

Chioma Omeruah, better known as Chigul, a Nollywood actress, has revealed that she was a virgin when she married at the age of 33.

The ‘Road to Yesterday’ actress, who also expressed joy at not having a child from her marriage, said it was supposed to be a special thing, but it wasn’t.

We were not perfect, there were good days I won’t lie. It just got to a place where we both didn’t care anymore. I have been made to believe that it was my job to keep that afloat and the fact that it sank, I take on my head.

Would I have changed anything about it? No, because it happened for a reason. I’m happy it happened at one year with no children and no attachments. I married at 33, I married a virgin. That was my first ever anything and it was supposed to be special and last, she said.

Chigul, in response to Elsie Okpocha’s post on women, marriage, and children, revealed that when she was a married woman, people urged her to have a child in order to save her marriage from dissolution.

Elsie had advised Nigerians to stop shaming women for getting married and having children.

Someone told me, just born one hold am. I was like are we playing cards? Hold am kwa? Hiaaaan! Nigerians are too forward, Chigul wrote.

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