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“I have mental health issues” – Ibinabo Fiberesima opens up her challenges


“I have mental health issues” – Ibinabo Fiberesima opens up her challenges

"I collapsed twice, had to do surgery" - Ibinabo Fiberesima opens up on health challenges

Actress Ibinabo Fiberesima has opened on the mental health challenges she faced during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

She made this known during a chat with City People revealed that she collapsed twice and had to undergo surgery.

The single mother of five said medics thought it was COVID-19, but after investigation, it was revealed that it was her mental state that cause it.

Ibinabo Fiberesima said;

“I went to England before the whole pandemic started, I had health challenges. I had to do a surgery. I was here (in England) trying to recuperate to get my health back. So, I have been in England. And it has not been easy because, with my health challenges and the pressure of the pandemic, I started feeling somehow, and I collapsed twice during this pandemic.

It was quite scary and the ambulance came, rushed me to the hospital. They were trying to check if it was Covid-19 or not. They later discovered that it was not Covid-19, just my mental state. Everything crashed at a point, but thank God, I started with the Miss Earth event again and started picking up myself. I started looking forward to something.

I wasn’t panicking anymore. I lost quite a few persons close to me here in England to the Covid-19, and that really broke me and then again, my friends in Nigeria, I lost a few, not to Covid-19 this time round, but other things and they were close to me.

So, I think all that badly affected me. But thank God I am picking up again, preparing the new queen for her journey because the Miss Earth is virtual again for the global. So, there is so much work to do now. I am busy again preparing that.”

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