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I Didn’t Have Sex for 6 Years Because FFK Could Not Perform- Former Minister’s Ex-wife Tells Court


I Didn’t Have Sex for 6 Years Because FFK Could Not Perform- Former Minister’s Ex-wife Tells Court

I Didn’t Have Sex for 6 Years Because FFK Could Not Perform- Former Minister’s Ex-wife Tells Court

Precious Chikwendu, a beauty queen, has informed a Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Customary Court in Abuja that a former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, suffers from erectile dysfunction.

Because of his claimed challenge, Fani-Kayode never completed their six-year relationship, according to her.

Miss Chikwendu claimed that her four children with Fani-Kayode were created through artificial insemination.

She testified in court that she was compelled to stay celibate during their relationship.

She also informed the court that the former minister did not perform any wedding ceremonies or pay her bride price.

As a result, she petitioned the court to declare that she was never married to Fani-Kayode.

Chikwendu, like she has done before, accused Fani-Kayode of abusing her when they were married, adding that the former minister lied to her about the termination of his marriage to his third wife.

Chikwendu, the petitioner, asserted this in her “Application for issue of civil summons/plaint” against Fani-Kayode, the respondent, on November 29, 2021.

The suit, numbered FCT/CCK8/01/043/2021, was filed by her counsel, Mr Abiodun E. Olusanya.
She is seeking the following reliefs:

“An order declaring that there was no customary marriage between the petitioner and the respondent (despite their six-year cohabitation) under the Nanka, Orumba North, Anambra State of Igbo native law and customs.

“Alternatively, assuming by the evidence during the trial the court finds that there was a customary marriage between parties:
“An order dissolving the customary marriage between the petitioner and the respondent forthwith.
“An order granting the petitioner access to and custody of the four children of the cohabitation between parties especially during their academic calendar.

“An order ordering the respondent to be continuously responsible for the academic, medical, clothing and welfare of the four children of the cohabitation.
“An order ordering the respondent to release and return the Petitioner’s property.”

The properties are the petitioner’s certificates and documents, trophies from the United Nations pageantry, Red Range Rover SUV, registered under her foundation’s name and the foundation’s certificates and the petitioner’s picture, among others.

She identified others as her mother’s burial videos and souvenirs, her mother’s certificates and documents, her clothes and personal belongings including gadgets, sewing machines left at the children’s play area and her refrigerator and kitchen gadgets for her food company, Mommy Pee Food.
Chikwendu said her relationship with Fani-Kayode was full of “woes, lies, deceits, quarrels, assaults, battery and domestic violence, lack of trust and absence of love, public disgrace and shame, and absence of sex due to the inability to sexually perform and intolerable behaviour of the respondent.”

She contended that there was never a marriage between the parties on the ground, among others, that the respondent “has continuously behaved in such a way that the Petitioner cannot reasonably be expected to continue to live with the respondent any further or formally enter into any form of traditional marriage whit him.”
She added: “From the inception of the cohabitation, the Respondent has been a violent person who attacks the Petitioner and her family members at will without provocation.”

She averred that in 2016 when the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) raided Fani-Kayode’s house, she found his marriage certificate with his third wife, Regina.

She said she confronted him with it and requested to see their divorce certificate, following which he allegedly confessed that he had yet to do so.
Chinwendu said, “At every attempt, the petitioner made to have sexual intercourse with the respondent, there was never erection of the respondent’s penis/manhood and penetration was frustrating.
“During such periods of frustration and sexual desire, the petitioner would be left with the choice of merely rubbing herself on the respondent, to have the slightest bit of relief.

“The petitioner then insisted parties should seek medical help for the respondent, and on visiting the family doctor, the respondent claimed he was diagnosed of having a cyst on his penis/manhood, which is not allowing the respondent to have erection and or perform sexually,
“The respondent was supposedly placed on cyprotab and the doctor suggested that the respondent should go and decide when he wishes to remove/untangle the cyst.
“Few days after the visit to the doctor, the respondent informed the petitioner that he had discussed with Regina and she had prayed over it, that the respondent should not do the operation, else he would die.

“The respondent never took the cyprotab medication, but any time the petitioner tried to engage the respondent in sexual activities, the respondent would claim his penis/manhood was paining him and then drink the medication.
“The petitioner bought sex toys for the respondent, but the respondent refused to use it and warned the petitioner never to suggest it again.”
Chikwendu averred further that since August 2020 that she walked out of the cohabitation with the Respondent, she had been continuously denied access to her children and her children have been continuously deprived parental motherly care and protection.”

She claimed that Fani-Kayode was in the habit of not paying his domestic staff/workers/nannies, “which leaves the workers angry and they could unleash and or transfer their anger on the children, they may kill any of the children any day, if the children are left with the respondent.
“Most of the domestic staff/workers/nannies that are not paid their wages, usually resign and run away without informing anyone and considering the security situation, the workers could kidnap any of the children.
“Currently the respondent is in court with some of the former domestic staff/workers for noa payment of salaries and abuse.”
Fani-Kayode has yet to file a response to the application.

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