“I am suffering from depression”- Somizi


“I am suffering from depression”- Somizi

“I am suffering from depression”- Somizi

Somizi shared a video of himself talking about most things people do not know about him.

In the 5minutes plus video, the media personality stated that he woke up feeling some kind of down as his day did not start on a good note.

He had a lot going on in his business, and other personal stuffs.

Somizi had to listen to a song titled, “it’s ok not to be ok”.

Although not everyone knows about it but Somizi revealed he was diagnosed with depression early last year and he has been dealing with it ever since then.

In his words, he does not believe it completely goes away but one can improve and get better to become positive.

According to him, he has been suffering from intense amount of anxiety.

“Lately, I have been suffering from a very intense amount of anxiety” he said.

Somizi said he was not aware that anxiety is a disorder

Somizi said: “I suffer from being constantly anxious and being scared”. 

He made mention of one of his friends who asked him if he had achieved everything he wants to achieve this year.

The reason he is sharing is for people to know that even with the fact he is happy, he goes through fears, anxiety and depression.

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