Hydrogen planes and abortion pills

Hydrogen planes and abortion pills

Hydrogen planes and abortion pills

1 Covid is omitted from death certificates in China
Medical professionals are under pressure to cite other causes of death. (FT$)
+ China cracks down on ‘dark feelings’ related to covid. (The Guardian)
+ There has been a huge jump in covid hospitalizations. (Reuters)
+ The right combination of drugs could help treat the long covid. (Atlantic $)

2 The US Supreme Court ponders the future of the internet
He is set to reconsider whether web platforms are legally responsible for content. (NYT$)
+ The companies’ existing legal protections are unpopular among tech critics from both major U.S. political parties. (FT$)

3 Google cuts 12,000 jobs
The CEO says he wants to focus more on AI. (The edge)
+ ChatGPT makes him nervous enough to call the big guns. (NYT$)
+ The right and very wrong ways to use ChatGPT. (WP$)

4 Sophisticated advertising scam attacked 11 million phones
It is one of the most important and complicated schemes ever discovered. (Wired $)

5 Twitter Is Being Sued By The Experts It Hired To Force Elon Musk To Buy It
The consultancy wants Twitter to shell out $2 million. ($Bloomberg)
+ Elon Musk could appear in court today in a separate legal challenge. (The Guardian)

6 The weather forecast has a hype problem
Weather forecasting startups tend to over-promise and under-deliver. (WP$)

7 Should we think twice before studying ancient DNA?
Extracting DNA from the long dead is an ethical quagmire. (Knowing Magazine)
+ DNA that has been frozen for 2 million years has been sequenced. (MIT Technology Review)

8 It’s Hard To Grasp Just How Massive The Universe Is
But the work of Henrietta Leavitt gave us a yardstick by which to measure it. (voice)
+ NASA’s return to the moon is off to a good start. (MIT Technology Review)

9 Make way for child prodigies podcast hosts
A host started his own show just seven years. (The Guardian)

10 Don’t let this cute dog photo fool you 🐶
Toxic ideas can be easily masked behind images of animals online. (Slate $)

quote of the day

“It’s the same criminals, they’re just repainting their getaway cars.”

—Bill Siegel, CEO and co-founder of cyber-extortion response firm Coveware, reflects on how a central group of hackers is behind the vast majority of ransomware attacks, reports Bloomberg.

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