Humans cannot change into animals – Advocacy for Alleged Witches


Humans cannot change into animals – Advocacy for Alleged Witches

Humans cannot change into animals – Advocacy for Alleged Witches

The popular believe that human beings can turn into other animals has been debunked by the Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW).

According to the coordinator, Leo Igwe, those who entertain the notion are mistaken and deluded.

He noted that the claim that humans can turn into birds or reptiles motivates people to commit atrocities.

Igwe said his reaction became necessary following reports of attack and murder of persons by witches who allegedly turned into animals to perpetrate some occult harm.

Quoting a newspaper report, he noted: “An army corporal, Charles Thomson has reportedly killed the mother because she was a witch. Thomson claimed that the mother used to turn into a serpent at night. Thomson murdered her in cold blood.”

Igwe referred to speculations that alleged witches turn into owls and fly out at night to inflict harm on individuals abroad.

He added that Nigerians, Ghanaians, and other Africans who live in western countries attribute their problems and challenges to alleged witches in their home countries.

AFAW quipped: “Why are there no video recordings of human beings transforming into animals or vice versa? Why do we always receive information about this transformation as hearsay or as something that is perpetrated in the past or as features in ‘Africa Magic’/home movies? Why do we only see published photos of animals and human beings before or after the supposed transformation?”

The body said traditional priests, Christian and Muslim clerics, charlatans and con artists promote the belief.

Igwe demanded that those who use the narrative to mislead and exploit ignorant people be sanctioned.

He further called for the prosecution of persons that commit murder or abuse human beings who supposedly turned into animals.

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