How to use social media to benefit your relationship

Social media has a bad reputation when it comes to relationships. Perhaps it’s the public mention of relationship status on Facebook that has people worried.

It’s also likely that the old fashioned saying, “keep your business to yourself,” is in the back of people’s minds as they view other people’s relationships online. Whatever the reason, it turns out, everyone is worried for no reason at all.

Experts say that social media helps relationships about 13% more than it hurts them. In a recent study, Research discovered that social media has an impact on 66% of relationships.

But, contrary to popular belief, this impact is usually positive. For long term relationships, Pew reports that the impact is much larger and much more positive. Some couples do report that social media causes friction in their relationships, but much of this tension could have been avoided.

It can help you feel more secure-especially early on.

The DTR convo definitely helps you feel like you’re on the same page as your new S.O., but extra reassurance can still go a long way. “In the beginning of a relationship, sharing a picture of you together can make a statement that you’re serious about this one.

Making a commitment to being a couple isn’t something that happens secretly between two people-it is a social event as well that puts a boundary around their intimacy and lets others know that there is a connection between them that is more than casual,”

It makes it easy to show appreciation for your S.O.

Social media makes it easy for you to share things you’re proud of your partner for-completing projects, earning a promotion, anything they’ve worked hard for, says Barnes. “Acknowledging your partner positively is a great way to keep your loving connection, and social platforms make it easy to show them how much you appreciate them

Celebrating milestones publicly can help build intimacy.

“Creating a scrapbook of your relationship online and celebrating milestones-your first trip together, your one-year anniversary-is good for building intimacy, especially in a new relationship,” Barnes says. And while you can definitely share too much, documenting big firsts can also help your friends and family get to know your new S.O. and provide reassurance that they’re a good fit for

It helps you stay connected with busy schedules.

If you’ve ever sent your S.O. an Instagram DM of a funny meme that totally reminded you of them, or a Snapchat of the cute dog you saw on the sidewalk, then you know that social media can be a fun way to stay connected with each other’s lives, even if you can’t be together physically.

It can offer you a shared experience.

“Shared experiences are the foundation to creating a relationship that’s good for the long haul. These are the things that keep you from “growing apart” or losing interest in one another. One part of an intimate relationship is what you share between the two of you-face-to-face conversations, sexual exploration-but the larger part of intimacy is “hand-in-hand” interaction-the common interests you share together where the focus isn’t on one another but instead on a shared interest, goal, or outside person.