How To Toss And Wash Kratom? Here’s All You Need To Know About It

Toss And Wash Kratom

Toss And Wash Kratom

How To Toss And Wash Kratom? Here’s All You Need To Know About It

Are you in search of a quick and efficient way to consume Kratom? The toss-and-wash method is the only option! This well-liked technique requires combining kratom powder with water or another liquid and fastly taking it, enabling quick and simple consumption.

But how exactly do you wash and dispose of Kratom? Do you need any advice or strategies to maximize your kratom experience?

We’ll offer a thorough guide to help you get the most out of your kratom routine, covering everything from the finest methods for mixing and swallowing Kratom to this approach’s potential advantages and disadvantages.

So read on if you want to learn more about how to toss and wash kratom for consumption.


What Is Toss And Wash Kratom Method?

Kratom is a tropical tree indigenous to Southeast Asia, and one of the most well-liked ways to consume it is to toss and wash it.

To use the toss-and-wash approach, take a tablespoon of Kratom powder, put it in your mouth, and then follow it up with some water, juice, or tea. Due to its simplicity, it’s a quick and straightforward way that many people like.

Getting the dosage right is critical to guarantee that you get the intended results without experiencing any adverse side effects. The most common kratom dosage for beginners is low, steadily increasing.

When the right quantity of Kratom powder has been weighed out, you may use a spoon to scoop it up and put it right into your mouth. Avoid inhaling the powder, as it might be irritating and make you cough.

Sip your beverage, swish it, and then swallow it to wash it. To make sure that all of the Kratom powder is dissolved, you might need to repeat this procedure multiple times.

Even though the toss-and-wash procedure is standard, some individuals find ingesting the dry powder without gagging or coughing challenging.

Before taking it, you can simplify it by combining the Kratom leaf powder with a small amount of water to generate a paste-like consistency. Alternatively, mixing the flavor with your preferred beverage can disguise it.

Because of the bitter taste of Kratom, many people employ the toss-and-wash approach to get it over with as soon as possible.

Kratom can also be taken in different forms, such as brewing tea or capsules or mixing it with food or smoothies. Ultimately, deciding which approach suits you and your preferences best is up to you.

How To Toss And Wash With Kratom Powder?

The toss-and-wash method is one of the most well-liked ways to take Kratom. One can use this technique by putting a measured amount of kratom powder in the mouth and swishing it with water or another beverage. The five steps for the toss and wash method are as follows:


Step-By-Step Instructions For Toss And Wash Method

Step 1: Determine The Kratom Dose

The proper kratom dose is crucial before the mix-and-wash method begins. The recommended dosage of Kratom depends on several variables, including age, weight, gender, and tolerance level. It is advised to start with low dosages of 1 to 2 grams and gradually raise it following the degree of tolerance level.

Step 2: Make Your Drink

Choosing the correct beverage to ingest kratom leaf powder is crucial. To cover up the taste of this herb, mix kratom powder with a flavored drink to prepare your beverage.

A strong-flavored beverage is advised, such as orange juice, grapefruit juice, or any other acidic drink, to cover up the strong taste of Kratom.

A drink should be selected that is at room temperature as well. Cold liquids may cause the kratom powder to clump, which makes it more challenging to take.

Hot water can also be used as a beverage. However, it does not as well cover up Kratom’s bitter taste. So, choosing other beverages, like fruit juice, cranberry juice, and chocolate milk, is better. You can even add honey to boiling water to prevent tasting bitterness of Kratom’s taste.


Step 3: Place The Kratom Powder In Your Mouth

After preparing your drink and measuring the appropriate amount of kratom powder, it is time to put the powder in your mouth.

Place the precise dosage slightly above your tongue in the back of your mouth. This prevents the powder from being breathed into the lungs.

Keeping your mouth closed when consuming the powder will help keep it from dispersing in the air and being inhaled.

Step 4: Wash The Kratom Powder

After putting the kratom powder form on your tongue, swish some of your beverage around your mouth while sipping.

The beverage and powder should combine to create a slurry. Once the powder has been mixed with the drink, immediately sip it down while consuming the remaining liquid to flush out any lingering kratom powder.

Before the powder absorbs moisture in the mouth and becomes harder to swallow, it must be rapidly ingested.

Step 5: Rinse Your Mouth

It is critical to rinse your mouth with water after taking kratom powder to guarantee that no powder is left behind. Because the leftover powder may irritate the tongue or throat, this step is crucial. You can rinse any remaining kratom powder out of your mouth by swishing water and spitting it out.


Tips For Proper Dosage

Here are some tips and advice to help you take the proper dosage of Kratom:

Start With A Low Dose: It is advised to begin with Kratom at a low dose and gradually increase it as tolerated. High doses can lead to adverse effects. 

Utilize A Digital Scale: A digital scale is the most exact method for determining the kratom powder’s usual dose. An inaccurate amount might result from using a measuring spoon or eyeballing the quantity.

Be Consistent: It’s crucial to use the prescribed dosage consistently. Avoid changing the dosage too frequently because this might promote tolerance, dependency, and addiction.

Wait For The Effects To Start: It’s crucial to hold off on taking another dose until the effects have begun. If the first dose does not affect you, do not take the second dose; doing so can result in an overdose and undesirable side effects.

Be Aware Of Tolerance: Frequent kratom use can cause tolerance, which results in the same dose of Kratom not having the intended benefits. It is advised to stop using Kratom in certain situations or to lower the dosage.

Contact A Physician: If you’re using Kratom for medical reasons, a physician should be consulted to determine the proper dosage. This is particularly crucial if you take any medications or have any underlying medical issues.


Pros Of Toss And Wash With Kratom Tea

Using the Toss and Wash Kratom method has several benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

Easy To Consume

Making kratom tea is a quick and easy technique that only takes a few minutes to finish. This is useful for people who have trouble swallowing pre-made capsules or don’t like how kratom powder tastes. Once the tea is made, it is merely a matter of drinking it.


Another benefit of using the toss-and-wash technique with kratom tea is its convenience. The tea can be prepared in advance and kept in a thermos for convenience when traveling. Those with busy schedules might need more time to produce kratom powder throughout the day and find this especially helpful.



Kratom tea can be readily consumed without bringing attention to yourself, making it a discreet way to use this herb. Unlike other intake methods, like empty capsules or extracts, Kratom tea doesn’t need any special packaging or equipment.


Kratom tea can be made in various ways, allowing consumers to personalize the taste and potency to suit their taste buds. To produce a customized, fun, and helpful tea, many kratom users like experimenting with various tea varieties, sweeteners, and other food ingredients like lemon juice, orange juice, maple syrup, agave juice, etc.


Kratom tea is a fast-acting substance that swiftly enters the bloodstream through the digestive tract. Compared to other methods of intake, like making capsules from a small pile of kratom or brewing kratom tea, consumers feel that this is the fastest method of getting the effects of Kratom more quickly.

More Effective

Some kratom consumers have suggested that drinking kratom tea instead of other kratom ingestion methods may be more beneficial. This is so that the tea’s potency can be increased by the hot water’s potential to extract more of the alkaloids in the powdered Kratom.


Safety Precautions And Warnings

Using the toss-and-wash method requires some safety considerations and warnings to bear in mind to guarantee a fun and safe experience. Here are some of them:

Beware Of Choking Hazards

You risk choking if kratom powder becomes trapped in your throat because it can be dry and clumpy. Ensure to thoroughly combine the powder and liquid before ingesting to prevent this.

Store Kratom Properly

Kratom’s potency can be damaged by heat and moisture, making it less valuable. Kratom capsules and powder must be stored correctly and kept out of direct sunlight in a relaxed, dry environment. Also, it’s critical to keep dogs and children away from Kratom.


Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of liquids when taking Kratom capsules is crucial because the powdered form can dehydrate you. The adverse effects of dehydration, such as headaches, lightheadedness, and even slight sedative effects, can be avoided by consuming water or other hydrating liquids.

Know About Possible Interactions

Before using Kratom, it’s vital to know about possible interactions because Kratom can interact with several prescription drugs or dietary supplements. Speaking with a healthcare professional before ingesting Kratom if you take any prescription medications or dietary supplements is advised.

Avoid Taking On An Empty Stomach

When ingested on an empty stomach, Kratom might cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Taking kratom after a light meal or snack is advised to prevent discomfort.


Wrapping Up

The toss-and-wash kratom method is one of the most popular methods of ingesting leaves or powder from the Mitragyna speciosa tree. Users can benefit from Kratom quickly and effectively by mixing kratom powder with water or another beverage and consuming it.

Although this method may have certain negatives, such as the taste and potential for powder inhalation, with the proper technique and caution, many users can reduce these dangers and still get the full benefits like, promoted relaxation, and intense energy boost from these herbal products. People might also search for the best kratom for pain relief, however, they should know that kratom and its medical benefits are still being studied so nothing can be claimed as of yet. 

Following this article’s tips and techniques, you can ensure you get the best out of your kratom experience. Also, do not forget to find Kratom products and similar plant matter from reputable vendors like Kats Botanicals.

So why not try the toss-and-wash method and discover Kratom’s advantages yourself?


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