How to get your sapios*xual partner in the mood



How to get your sapios*xual partner in the mood




Sapiosexual is the word that describes anyone who finds intelligence to be another person’s most sexually attractive feature.

People who belong in this category are the ones who are very drawn to people to intelligence and its manifestations.

For sapio-sexuals, intelligence is not just an attraction. It is…more. Sapio-sexuals are actually sexually aroused by high levels of intelligence in another person.

You know, the same way big bum and breasts would draw others, sapio-sexuals get pretty turned on by the expression of intelligence in someone else.

If partner is one of these people, here are special ways to turn up the heat with them.

How you communicate

According to Elite Daily, one constant expression of intelligence to a certain degree, is by using the right grammar, punctuation and every other necessary thing into the communication you have with that person. Social media and texting is an established part of communication these days. You want to be sure you are putting the right food forward at all times.

“Use correct spelling when messaging on social media. You will have them at proper capitalization and writing “you.” And, while you are at it, ask them how to correctly pronounce/spell their surname.”

An alternative way to demonstrate intelligence

While the idea of you being a brainiac would always titillate your partner, sometimes, an admission of ignorance on some [few] things could also be just as potent.

If you are clueless about a topic, admit it. Intelligent people are not afraid to admit when they don’t know something because there are plenty other things they do know.

Good books… great hook ups

An enviable book collection will be supercool to someone who is a sapiosexual. Also, read your favorite book to them; it will be like pure erotica to a sapiosexual’s ears.

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