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How to control your anger at your rebellious teenager


How to control your anger at your rebellious teenager

How to control your anger at your rebellious teenager

As a child you may remember being whacked with a cane or slapped by your mother.

However, people’s parenting strategies for misbehaving pre-teens and teenagers are now evolving.

Parents no longer govern their kids by fear, but use reasoning and discussions to resolve most issues.

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for parents to fly into a blind rage when a child is being particularly unreasonable.

It could be anything from a 7-year-old boy who was unintentionally jealous and cruel to his younger sibling.

Or even a teenager who is making outrageous demands from his parents like exotic vacations or an expensive present like a swanky car.

However, it is critical that you do not lose your cool. So, here’s how you can control your anger at your rebellious teenager.

Put some physical distance between you two

At times, your rage may feel uncontrolled and you may be afraid of shaking or hitting out at your kid to discipline them. In such cases, simply walk away to the next room so that you are not in close enough range to inflict harm on your little one. Putting that distance between yourself and your child who is throwing a tantrum or acting out can make a world of difference. It would help to splash some cool water on your face as the heat of the moment would pass. You can then sit down on the sofa and rethink your stance.

Taking a few deep breaths can help you regain control without inflicting permanent damage on your relationship with your kid.

Here are a few affirmations that can help you subdue your rage-

  • “This is not a crisis that requires you to panic.”
  • “Children want support and love when they merit it the least.”
  • “They are acting rebellious due to the fact that they need your aid to resolve their feelings.”
  • “Deep down, they do love you.”

Don’t shy away from chanting this to yourself as it can reinforce the presence of the cool and level-headed parent you usually focus on being. Remember that you must be a good role model for your kids. As, once they spot you responsibly tackling your emotions, they would emulate your example whenever they get angry.

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