How to build loyalty in your relationship


How to build loyalty in your relationship

How to build loyalty in your relationship

When you have loyalty in your relationship, you know that your partner always has your back and you can count on them at any time. With loyalty, you have yourself a stable relationship with a firm foundation that can go miles.

When you have loyalty in your relationship, you are not only dedicated to your partner but also to the relationship.

Loyalty is responsible for understanding and knowing that you are fully committed to your partner and you are aware that all individual decisions you are making should be and must be considerate to your partner and your relationship.

There are some fundamental traits of loyalty that will guide you in understanding and nurturing loyalty in your relationship. They include: respect, affection, communication, intimacy, compassion and vulnerability.

Loyalty is the maturity in knowing that your relationship has its ups and downs, the good and the bad times and that you don’t get to throw in the towel whenever things get rough. Instead, you roll up your sleeves and figure out ways to improve and have a better relationship.

In other words, loyalty is making partner your best friend. It is the desire to see your partner and your relationship blossom. When you have loyalty in your relationship, all that you do and say are geared towards determining your success as partners.

There are a number of things you have to consider to ascertain loyalty in your relationship. Here are some tips:

1. Be authentic to both yourself and your partner

When starting your relationship, you don’t have to be who your partner wants you to be otherwise after some time you are likely to ‘slow down.’

Don’t rely on romantic gestures when starting your relationship as they are bound to get fewer as the relationship progresses. To ensure you have a real relationship, be true to yourself and your partner.

2. Practice empathy

Whenever your partner is going through a rough patch in their lives, you shouldn’t respond with pity. Instead, try and understand the source of their pain.

When you share with them and help them shoulder the burden, you not only assure them that you value them and you have their back but it also helps build trust in the relationship.

3. Always factor in your partner

It may seem easy to make choices quickly without a lot of consideration especially when they solely affect you, but when you are in a relationship, you have to understand that there is another person’s feelings to consider.

Even if it is a resolution that you seek to reach on your own, your partner is likely to appreciate being part of the conversation and they will feel respected and valued in the relationship when you include them in the thought process.

4. Make your partner a priority

You need to protect and nurture the connection you have with your partner by inadvertently making them a priority. If someone means so much to you, show them!

Always choosing to spend time with your partner and supporting their endeavours goes a long way in making them feel like they are a priority.

Relationship expert Dr Gary Brown says that if you feel safe enough to remain vulnerable around someone, they will return your sentiments with their won loyalty.

5. Be forgiving

To build and maintain loyalty you need to be forgiving. Holding grudges about past transgressions not only erodes the relationship but also makes it difficult to move forward. When you let go of the hurt and you accept an apology, you are building a trust based on truth and love.

Understanding that we are human and that we are likely to make mistakes here and there and that our partners will accept us as we are is vital in building trust and loyalty in a relationship.

Loyalty is key in any relationship. Building and nurturing does not only ensure that the relationship survives but it also sees to it that the relationship ultimately thrives.

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