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How to be an effective and successful single mom


How to be an effective and successful single mom

How to be an effective and successful single mom

Being a single mother is becoming a worldwide norm, and we have famous successful single mothers in the industry too.

There are single fathers too these days through adoption, surrogacy, divorce and death of a spouse but their percentage is still less.

Approximately 80 per cent of single parents are women, and single fathers run the rest 9 to 25 per cent homes.

So there is no denying the fact that being a single mom brings with it a set of struggles.

From surviving alone financially to being the emotional anchor to the children, it’s a supremely difficult task that women have to be at 24×7.

A study shows single moms who have higher education degrees have children who achieve such degrees as well. So how to be a successful single mother? We tell you 7 ways you can work things out.

1. The child’s contribution really matters

As mothers, we always tend to do things for our children. They might feel like having breakfast in bed, and we tend to pamper them out of love, never thinking of the detrimental effects in the long-run.

How to be a successful single mother with no help? Single mothers should make the child realize that moms have a lot on their hands, be it at home or at work. Since they are doing everything alone a little help from their kids is very important. A child should contribute to making the show run smoothly, and the child’s input matters.

2. Harp on the importance of money

You can be a successful single mother if you can make your child understand that your financial independence comes with a lot of hard work. Single mothers are often struggling financially and they should teach their children to value money.

The money that is earned cannot be thrown around just like that. If you can make your child respect the paycheck that runs the household, half of your job is done.

3. Have social bindings

It is essential to cultivate relationships beyond the immediate family of two and involve the child in these relationships by organizing social meets and playdates.

If it is a single-parent household after a divorce then while co-parenting with the father or while he visits, it’s essential to maintain a genial atmosphere so that the child does not grow up in the midst of any kind of animosity.

4. Create boundaries with your children

Discover the power of saying “no” and children could be manipulative and could arm-twist you by throwing tantrums, and you need to know how not to budge.

If you can establish boundaries with your children then instead of constantly coaxing and cajoling you for favours they would know from the start where to draw the line.

5. Keep a tab on your child

We are not telling you to indulge in helicopter parenting, but it does help if you can keep track of who your child is meeting online and in real life as well, the family of friends they are interacting with closely and what they are up to in school?

We know this could be difficult since you are parenting all alone, but this is something you must do to bring up a successful child.

6. Have a schedule

Children function best within a schedule. Since you are a single mother, you have to take extra care to keep the schedule in place.

If it goes haywire, you will have to do double the work to put it back in order. As a single parent juggling, work, home and children schedules are very difficult, and you might just feel like letting them watch TV way beyond bedtime so that you can also unwind on the couch for some time.

7. Respect your privacy

Single mothers say that since in a single-parent home, the bond between the mother and the child is very strong, the child often refuses to accept that the mother could have a private life beyond them.

The child has to be taught the importance of privacy which includes manners like knocking on doors, not checking out mom’s mobile or not barging in when she is in the room with a friend or relative. Single mothers could be in relationships as well. Children will have to realize that and give them that space.

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