How I was almost expelled because of ‘intimate scene’ with Jim Iyke – Lily Afe

How I was almost expelled because of ‘intimate scene’ with Jim Iyke – Lily Afe

Nollywood actress Lilian Afegbai popularly known as Lily Afe has recalled how she almost got expelled from university because she had a sex scene with popular actor, Jim Iyke.

Since the Big Brother Africa star started her Akanchawa Baddie life style, she has been garnering a lot more fans and has now taken her very funny and honest personality to Taymesan’s podcast “Tea With Tay” where she opened up about her first movie which almost got her expelled from Benson Idahosa University.

Speaking about almost getting expelled from BIU because of her sex scene with Jim Iyke, Lilian Afegbai said:

“I went to the secondary school of my university, Benson Idahosa University, so after Word of Faith, I went to BIU. It was quite interesting. Every time when I was on holiday [during secondary school] , it’s either I travelled or I’m in boarding school so I really didn’t mingle like that. I started mingling when I was in uni. That was when I was let loose, cuz I was by myself. I started staying off campus even though my school wasn’t allowing it. I had to create a reason to stay off campus.

I started acting fully in BIU. My first movie that I did, they almost expelled me from school because I had a sex scene with Jim Iyke. When the movie came out, then I was young, and I didn’t even have a boyfriend. I was young, I was acting make believe. Omo Jim Iyke! I be side chick for the movie so you know, na Jim Iyke, ah! I was wearing clothes but then we had this room scene where he was flipping me. I was young so it was just a lot.

And then people in the school, you know how jealousy is na, people started telling like our reverend’s wife that ah! So they brought the movie to school, they said I acted an illicit scene. I faced panel. It was bad! I thought I was going to get expelled, I was scared. Ha! Omo. It was a Christian school and when people start talking about things in school and making it a thing, you know, you actually face a panel.

So when I went to the panel, I started making them understand that ah, I’m a Christian, I will never do anything to jeopardize my Christian faith. But then, this is acting ma. If we don’t act it, who will act it? [laughs] . If we don’t act the side chick, who will act the side chick? [laughs] Omo, I thought I was going to get expelled, but thank God for God.”

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