How Fortnite Played a Part in Ninja and Travis Scott’s Rise in Pop Culture


How Fortnite Played a Part in Ninja and Travis Scott’s Rise in Pop Culture

Ninja and Travis Scott have found great fame with their names being instantly recognizable today. And Fortnite, with its huge and loyal fan base, certainly helped them rise to the top. In Ninja’s case, it wasn’t until he started streaming Fortnite that he saw a significant rise in his viewership numbers.

On the other hand, Travis Scott was considered a big deal as far back as 2012 when he signed a major deal with Epic Records. And in the first half 2020 the rapper collaborated with Fortnite in what might be the best virtual concert ever.

Fortnite makes stars, just ask Ninja and Travis Scott

Tyler Blevins, better known in the gaming community as just Ninja, started streaming in 2011. He had already been a Halo pro for two years at this point. In 2017, he started to branch out and tried his hand at games like PUBG among other games. And in 2018, his life was about to change forever. Popular rapper Drake, who’d admitted to having watched Ninja’s streams, partnered up with Ninja on one of his streams. And the duo were soon joined by Travis Scott, JuJu Smith-Schuster, a footballer for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Since Sicko Mode was in the makes around this time, to be released a few months down the line, maybe the stream also serves the purpose of promoting the song.

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Overnight, they broke the previous Twitch record held by Dr DisRespect. Not only did this bring Ninja into the limelight, it also exposed Travis Scott to a whole new audience. Ninja would stream Fortnite on a regular basis and become one of the leading stars in the streaming industry as well as one of the best players of Fortnite.


Travis Scott had already established himself as a prominent rapper in the music industry by the time 2020 rolled around. He had hundreds of thousands of record sales to his name and had garnered a dedicated audience. In 2020, Fortnite collaborated with him to give players the Astronomical, an event that would see Travis Scott perform in front of an in-game audience. The event was attended by millions of players worldwide and was regarded as a supreme success. He even got his own skin.

Both Travis Scott and Ninja hugely benefited from their association with the game. Travis Scott got a whole new audience, while Fortnite made Ninja. Without Fortnite, Ninja might never have got as big as he is.

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