How filmmakers steal money from Nollywood, why I don’t do It – Toyin Abraham

How filmmakers steal money from Nollywood, why I don’t do It – Toyin Abraham

Nollywood sensation Toyin Abraham has revealed how filmmakers pocket money meant for movie production, and how she can now no longer be a part of the criminal trend.

She made this known during an interview with The Will Downtown. She noted that poverty is a contributing factor to why film makers siphon funds meant for movie production.

The film maker speaking about filmmakers not spending entire budgets on project and pocketing some for themselves admitted that she used to engage in such before.

Toyin Abraham said:

“I’m going to be sincere and open. What you said now (on filmmakers not spending the entire budget on the project), maybe seven or eight years ago, I would have done the same if I had the opportunity. It’s poverty; it is not easy. Now, my husband is going to London to shoot, my son is upstairs sleeping, and my daughter is upstairs, and we travel first class or business class now. At the end of the day, it is hard work and God. If I take account of all the blessings— houses we have and other things, I start crying. And all these things happened in five years.

That’s why people think I’m obsessed with FilmOne; even in FilmOne, they call me the First Lady. Yes, I am obsessed with Moses, Ladun, Mimi, Kene, and Tolu. The first time they paid me, it was forty-two million. I wanted to die. After I received the money, as far as I was concerned, everybody wanted to kill me. Even when someone innocently talked to me, I thought they wanted to kill me; everything looked like a gun. Would you believe I’m still making money(royalties) from that movie done five years ago? After cinemas, I still have money in foreign currency waiting for me from Netflix. And then the airlines will buy them as well. Amazon, DStv and so on will also buy them.

So if I were to answer your question truthfully, I’m sure that if it had happened to me years back, I’d have done the same thing. Then, if you had given me ten million to shoot a movie, I might keep five for myself. But now, if you give me five hundred million to shoot a movie, I might have to add to it to be able to shoot an excellent movie.

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