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How Does Gervonta Davis Train? Full Routine Revealed


How Does Gervonta Davis Train? Full Routine Revealed

26-year-old Gervonta Davis grabs enough appraisal for his courageous moves towards different weight classes. The undefeated boxer has already become a champion in two divisions and is aiming to expand the numbers ahead. That said, Davis’ sheer power is tuned in with his perfect physical attributes.

While he often falls short on height before his opponents, Gervonta Davis’ power, speed, stamina, and skills fill the void. Hence, the Baltimore native proudly boasts of a 24-0 record, with 23 knockouts in it. As of now, Davis is a PPV star and one of the biggest names on the active roster.

Coming from Mayweather Promotions, he has been fortunate to have found the right matchups. Besides, Gervonta Davis has also been blessed with several world champion trainers. Here’s a look into Gervonta Davis’ training regime.

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Gervonta Davis – ‘Tank’ Training

It is no secret, Davis trains with Floyd Mayweather frequently and all his boxing drills fall under the eyes of Mayweather Boxing club’s trainers. From Jeff Mayweather, Roger Mayweather, to Floyd Mayweather Sr, Gervonta Davis has trained with all the legendary coaches and has reflected the results in all of his fights.

Apart from his regular boxing drills, ‘Tank’ is also a fitness freak and looks after his physique. The 166 cm tall pugilist has immense cardio and never appears to gas out inside the ring. Whether a fast-paced or a slow-paced fight, Davis always gets a way to win. That said, FightHype could get in his gym.

Gervonta Davis performs several basic exercises to improve his cardio, strength, and conditioning. In 2020, he almost got curbed with pain when ‘Tank’ had to cut down a pound in one day. However, Davis has the never-give-up mentality, that helps him push the limits.

Skipping, jogging, and running also seem to be three important practices in Davis’ workout routine. As he idolizes Floyd Mayweather, ‘Tank’ follows a lot of Mayweather’s routine. Hence, he knows how to look after fitness. Besides, Davis predictably does mitt work heavy bag punching, and pad work.

If we consider mental game and IQ, Davis is trained by the mind of Mayweather. ‘TBE’ shares his best advice with ‘Tank’, thereby staging him as the next big superstar in the sport of boxing. No wonder Davis is already sending shock waves throughout the sports world.

Do you think Gervonta Davis can take over the entire lightweight division?

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