How do I know if freezing eggs is for me?

How do I know if freezing eggs is for me?

How do I know if freezing eggs is for me?

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The tool is currently being tested in a group of volunteer researchers and is not yet widely available. But I hope it represents a step towards more transparency and openness about the actual costs and benefits of egg freezing. Yes, it is a remarkable technology that can help people become parents. But it may not be the best option for everyone.


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Anna Louie Sussman had her eggs frozen in Italy and Spain because services in New York were too expensive. Fortunately, there are specialized couriers ready to transport frozen sex cells on international trips, she wrote.

Michele Harrison was 41 when she froze 21 of her eggs. By the time she wanted to use them, two years later, only one was viable. Although she had a baby, her case demonstrates that egg freezing is no guarantee of parenthood, Bonnie Rochman wrote.

What happens if someone dies with stored eggs? Frozen eggs and sperm can still be used to create new life, but it’s unclear who can make the decision, as I wrote in a previous edition of The Checkup.

Meanwhile, the race is on to create lab-made eggs and sperm. These cells, which could be made from a person’s blood or skin cells, could potentially solve many fertility problems – if ever proven safe, as I wrote in a magazine article. on the genre last year.

Researchers are also working on ways to mature the eggs of transgender men in the lab, which could allow them to store and use their eggs without having to interrupt gender-affirming medical care or undergo other potentially distressing procedures, as I wrote about last year.

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