How Brekete Family Show Anchor, Ahmed Isah Uses People’s Cases To Get Fame – Italy-based Nigerian Activist | AfroNaija

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How Brekete Family show anchor, Ahmed Isah uses people’s cases to get fame – Italy-based Nigerian Activist


How Brekete Family show anchor, Ahmed Isah uses people’s cases to get fame – Italy-based Nigerian Activist

How Brekete Family show anchor, Ahmed Isah uses people’s cases to get fame – Italy-based Nigerian Activist

Italy-based Nigerian Activist, Gladys Amadin Costantino, has accused the anchor of the Berekete Family show, Isah Ahmed, popularly known as “Ordinary President” of using people’s misfortunes to get fame for himself without making efforts to get justice for them.

According to SaharaReporters, Costantino said that for six years, Isah and his accomplices convinced Julia Osamede Idehen, a Nigerian woman in the diaspora to allege that some Italian doctors stole her kidney.

The activist said they were unable to provide a substantial piece of evidence though the case was still in the Italian court.

Costantino claimed that while Isah had promised Idehen justice he did nothing about it but only used the woman to gather fame for himself and his medium.

She also alleged that Isah was able to elicit the pity of Nigerians and gather money from different quarters.

She said Isah and his men promised to ensure Idehen’s son got vetted so he could visit his mother in Italy but they did nothing about it, neither were they able to get justice for Idehen till she died in February 2021.

According to her, Isah worked alongside her ex-cofounder, Kingsley Brown Omobude who resigned from her foundation and kept travelling to Nigeria to liaise with Isah on the case.

Costantino said Omobude had once instituted a lawsuit against her in Italy but she won the case as he had no substantive evidence.
The female activist said she had kept quiet over Idehen’s matter (now deceased) as Omobude worked with Isah to cut her off from Idehen’s son whom she had wanted to help get vetted.

However, Costantino said she was infuriated when Isah Ahmed accused a physically challenged woman, Ruth Matthew, whose two-year-old child went missing in Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministries (CMDM) of using his platform to defame the pastor of the church.
Ruth was said to have visited the church of popular Warri-based prophet, Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin three years ago, with her four children (all boys).

After meeting with the prophet, the youngest of her sons, who was then two years old, had disappeared mysteriously. The case resurfaced in 2022 as some pastors and Non-Governmental Organisations stood up to seek justice.
The case gained momentum with the help of the Brekete Family show.

However, the Ordinary President made a u-turn claiming the woman was lying. Isah said the woman who brought the case to Human Rights Radio in Abuja could not substantiate her claims and was only looking for ways to use the opportunity to move abroad.
Reacting, Costantino said Isah’s claims got her infuriated as she noted that Isah, his accomplices and Julia connived to lie against the government.

She said, “You remember the case of Julia Osamede Idehen, Berekete family, Isa Ahmed carried out her case in 2015, he took it to the immigration office in Abuja, he started blasting, claiming that the Italian government stole her kidney. She was a Nigerian citizen, if they said they wanted to fight for her, it was okay, so the video of Isah Ahmed started circulating.

”In 2017 when I started my foundation, I stay in Italy, Torino just some few minutes’ drive to where Julie was in the hospital, I got this video and another one she did that what was paining her now was her son, that she left when the son was just 2 years old but at the time, the son was already 20+ years. I said no, as a mother, the first thing we will do is to vet her son. I’d done this before, I vetted my mother and within a month, she came to visit me here.

”I have a co-founder, Kingsley Brown Omobude. He just sent a message to me that he’s no longer part of my foundation, that he’s the one that will handle the Julie case, whereas we are not fighting over who will bring justice to her.
“Isah Ahmed claimed he will bring justice to her and defame the Italian government. My ex-cofounder went to meet Julie and they did a video, defaming the government.

“I am a humanitarian, live video presenter, he is not, so he paid somebody to insult me, defame me and call me all sorts of names. I replied him though in a video. He took me to court here in Italy but the court ruled in my favour.

“Julie died last year February, before her death, my ex co-founder went to Berekete every year claiming they would bring justice to Julie and that the case was in court, they would bring a lawyer. They even promised to bring Julie’s son.

“Now that Julie died, there was no justice, neither did they bring Julie’s son to Italy. I wanted to raise this case last year because that boy now was suffering in Nigeria and Berekete president had used the case to get fame for himself that people now believed in him, they even sent him money.

“I wanted to overlook the case but on March 23, a woman, Ruth came out to say her son got missing after she visited Prophet Jeremiah’s Church, people advised her to go to Berekete and she did. On the first day, he gave her a listening ear, after two days, Isah Ahmed said she was a liar that she should say sorry to Jeremiah, that his platform was not where people would come to defame others.

“When I saw the way he humiliated this woman, I got angry. Berekete president used his platform to defame the Italian government for six years and he is now harassing a woman who is looking for her son.

“He claimed she is not consistent in her narration, a crippled woman that has been looking for her son for three years, how can she be coordinated? I’m not defending her but we’re talking about a baby here and Berekete closed the case.

“When I saw the video some days ago, I got angry because it seems he uses people to raise mostly vulnerable people. When he heard that I was interested in this woman’s case, he went to block the video where he was humiliating the woman, he ended up opening it after pestering her. The same thing he did to Julie is what he was doing to this woman, he didn’t help her get justice.

“Meanwhile, the prophet has come out to say he knows where the baby is. The videos are online. He said on 26th that we should give him 4 days, the baby will be out. We waited till the 30th but they came up with a different story. I saw a video that Berekete did claiming that there is one frustrated woman shouting. What I want to know is, how far has he been able to go with regards to Julie’s case, her son is not here, no justice for her either.

“Isah just used Julie, there was no evidence. For six years, they will do propaganda, Omobude will come to Nigeria, they will be shouting, they weren’t able to do anything.

“This Ruth’s case now, Berekete is claiming the woman is using his platform to defame whereas the woman might forget some things. Did her son get missing? Yes. How about Jeremiah who claimed that he knows where her son is? Berekete failed to wait to see the case to the end.

“Isah Ahmed used people to go to Julie and they kept using her to defame Italian country for years.”

SaharaReporters added that efforts to get Isah Ahmed’s reaction over the allegations proved abortive as at the time of filling this report.

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