Here’s why long distance relationships are tricky


Here’s why long distance relationships are tricky

Here’s why long distance relationships are tricky

Long distance relationships are like those people in your class that no one talks to except when they absolutely have to.

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As lovers know all too well, relationships/marriages are not a bed of roses and every relationship is susceptible to highs and lows.

There’ll be patchy periods that you’ll need to navigate with understanding, teamwork and an unwavering commitment.

For partners in long-distance relationships, these things would be required in extra measure as these are the special kind of problems you’ll likely be facing in the relationship:

1. Frustration

The frustration is strong when you go long spells without seeing the one you love and it is especially worse at periods when you feel the relentless urge for s.e.x and you have to suffer through suppressing it.

2. Insecurity

You’ll also fear what your partner might be up to where he or she is. And if you allow this get the better of you, it won’t be long before paranoia swallows you up and blows up your relationship to pieces.

3. The effort is enormous

Every relationship requires serious work and effort to remain alive. But this is more so for long distance relationships. Communication and contact becomes especially increased as this is the only line that literally connects you.

4. Temptation to cheat

Never will the urge to cheat and be with other people be as strong as when you have to stay for long periods without seeing the love of your life. The temptation is achingly severe and it takes extra effort to not lapse into infidelity.

5. You might be disappointed

The thing about long distance relationships is that you could find yourself living in a bubble where things are just fine because you are not seeing each other in the flesh.

Distance cocoons you away from reality until you close the distance between you and that partner and you actually see and come to terms with how they really are.

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