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Here’s one helpful thing to do if your partner shows signs of unhappiness


Here’s one helpful thing to do if your partner shows signs of unhappiness

Here’s one helpful thing to do if your partner shows signs of unhappiness

We all know relationships and marriages are about experiencing the most happiness and positive vibes possible. So when your partner is going through a phase of unhappiness, it is all normal to ask questions.

Generally though, as a good partner, your questions will understandably be with a view to improving your boyfriend or girlfriend’s mood and trying to see how to restore their happiness.

Expectedly, you’d want to direct those questions to the unhappy partner in order to know what to do to make them happy again. Sometimes however, the answer to your partner’s happiness isn’t really with them, but with you.

And it is more useful to ask yourself questions, to see if somehow, you are part or the whole reason for their moodiness.

This is important because self-assessment is one thing all couples need at regular intervals of their relationship. The duty to always be the best possible version of yourself is ever-present on you and your partner.

So whenever your partner shows elongated signs of unhappiness and nothing you do seems to cheer them up or lift their mood, you need to ask yourself if you have been good and proffer for yourself honest answers.

PS (Postscript): If it’s more than your control, it could be signs of depression, and that is beyond you. Please seek help from professionals on this.

This could be the difference between having a partner who is perpetually sad and one who is happy and satisfied.

So you should ask yourself; am I really doing this or that in the manner my babe likes it? Have I been paying him or her enough attention? Do I say I love you enough? Do I meet their emotional needs?

The answer to that is this: when a partner repeatedly communicates his or her worries and dissatisfaction and nothing gets done about it, there’s a likelihood that they’ll not say anything about it anymore.

They’ll likely choose to remain silent, unhappy and maybe resentful instead of communicating about the problem because over time, all their complaints and communication have fallen on deaf ears and never yielded any good result.

What this further establishes is the necessity of humble self-assessment in relationships. Never feel too big to assess yourself, note your own errors and change for the good of your relationship even without being told by your partner.

That could be all you need to make your partner move away from unhappiness, a gloomy and depressed person to a happy sweetheart.

You may be asking yourself; why do I have to do any introspection when they can just easily communicate with me on anything I could have done to wrong them in any way.

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