Here’s how you ruin things even before the relationship gets official


Here’s how you ruin things even before the relationship gets official

Here’s how you ruin things even before the relationship gets official

Sometimes, the talking stage can be going on smoothly and just as you’re getting to the finished line, you mess it up by doing certain things or saying something really wrong.

Here are some of the things to nip in the bud to avoid messing things up, before it gets official.

1. Being official before both of you decide to make it official

If y’all are just vibing and you start thinking of how perfect they are for you and you cut off other potential partners because of them when you both haven’t even spoken about exclusivity yet, you may end up regretting it. You may want the relationship to move further but the other party might not and you may scare them away.

2. Coming on too strong

Coming on too strong may also mean you are always available for any and everything. When they text you, you immediately respond as if you’ve been sitting there waiting for their text all day. It makes it seem like you’re too anxious for a relationship and it will drive some potential partners away.

3. Oversharing

Yes, you need to be honest in your new relationship but don’t overshare. Just scratch the surface and you’re good to go. If the relationship gets official and you know the person well enough, you can deeply talk about certain things.

4. Being blind to what the relationship actually is

Sometimes the relationship is exactly what you dreaded it to be and you need to accept it so you both know you’re on the same page. Your partner may be thinking that this is a friends with benefit situation; while you’re there ignoring all the red flags and thinking about the children both of you will make.

5. Over analyzing

You pick apart their texts and read in between the lines even when there’s nothing to see. You look for “clues” in what they say and what they text to make you feel better about them liking you even when they haven’t said anything about that yet. A lot of people just want a drama free relationship and doing this means they’ll get the opposite so they’ll run.

You on the other hand have gotten so invested in the relationship that a break up will hurt you more than it’s supposed to, considering the short period you’ve been seeing each other.

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