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Here’s How Dustin Poirier Is Preparing for His UFC 264 Fight Against Conor McGregor


Here’s How Dustin Poirier Is Preparing for His UFC 264 Fight Against Conor McGregor

The much-awaited trilogy fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier is all set to headline the UFC 264 event. This fight is very important for the fighters and both McGregor and Poirier have been very training hard for it.

Poirier won the last fight against McGregor at the UFC 257 event by defeating ‘Notorious’ via a 2nd round TKO. And even this time around, Poirier has been working hard to cement another victory over ‘Notorious.’

Dustin Poirier shares some impressive training videos

With the date of the fight fast approaching, both fighters have been constantly uploading various videos and pictures of their training. Poirier is a part of the American Top Team and works out from their Florida base. The fighter’s head coach, former MMA fighter Mike Brown and his boxing trainer Dyah Davis have been constantly working with the fighter.

Poirer also has a great strength and conditioning coach in Phil Daru who has been constantly uploading videos of the fighters’ training. Along with one of his Instagram videos, Daru also wrote about their training process.

He wrote, “Finalizing our last couple of weeks before the fight we are now tapering working on speed and agility! Since training consistently for 9 weeks’ straight accumulation of work has been pushed now, it’s time to start to recover and minimize the volume/frequency while working on the speed of the sport.”

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“Here we are simply working rhythmic and power movements with emphasis on the stretch-shortening cycle, tendon elasticity, and explosive power. Keep things simple but achievable now that calories are low and training intensity is at its all-time high in skills training.”

“Backing off the intensity from a 1rm standpoint and volume brought down by 60% to allow us to get the stimulus but optimally taper through these next 2 weeks. GET READY FOR THE TRILOGY!!”

‘The Diamond’ missed his family during the training camp

During an interview, Poirier had talked about how he has started his training camp for the fight against McGregor. The fighter had talked about how he is fully concentrated on his preparation as of now and how training continuously and being alone was affecting him.

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He said, “I just started training camp. So I am here for a couple of weeks by myself. But next week they’re gonna be here with me. You know my mind is going crazy being away from them this long. It makes me think about what the hell I was doing before I had a daughter and this kind of lifestyle. I am very quickly being away from them I miss them.”

“I always like to start my training camp alone away from them, kind of get tempered into the workload, and then they fly out and meet me. But man for some reason this trip feels forever.”

Both the fighters have been training really hard for the trilogy fight. Therefore, it would be interesting to see what transpires when the two talented fighters face each other at UFC 264.

Who do you think will win the fight between McGregor and Poirier? Let us know in the comments.


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