‘He Punched Me in the Face’- Michael Bisping Details Being Assaulted by a ‘Little Punk Bi**h’


‘He Punched Me in the Face’- Michael Bisping Details Being Assaulted by a ‘Little Punk Bi**h’

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping revealed to fans that he had recently been assaulted on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. ‘The Count’ intimated the news to his fans on Twitter and later shared a video describing the incident. Bisping could be seen with his wife as he went over the details of the incident.

It’s clear that Bisping’s assailant had no idea that he had just punched for a former world champion based on the way things played out. Chiefly, Bisping’s decision to film on the street is what ultimately led to his run-in with his attacker. It’s evident that the incident isn’t something of concern for Michael Bisping as he just laughs it off.

“So, I’m walking home after a nice meal, a very nice meal… and I filmed like everyone else, right? This little pri*k comes up to me and says, ‘Yo, you can’t film and puts his hand in front of my camera. I’m like ‘Yo, listen I can film’… ‘Anyway guess what happened. He punched me in the face. I got a little bobo. The guy punched me in the face, the little fu**ing pri*k.”

“Literally the weakest punch I ever felt in my entire life… My initial reaction, I just burst out laughing, it was so funny cause someone that thinks they’re so tough and such a gangster, I know you little sh*ts out there like that, go fu*k yourself. I’m so mature these days, I just walked away. I walked away. In the old days, Mikey B would throw down on Bourbon Street. Let that be a lesson, you little punk bit*h.”

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Michael Bisping: A changed man

Fans who know Michael Bisping would agree that he’s grown a lot, especially since hanging up the gloves for good. The Michael Bisping of old would certainly have gone toe-to-toe with his assailant right on the spot.

Bisping’s has had many flares up in the past including hotel lobby run-ins with Jorge Masvidal back in 2017. Not to mention, he was also in hot water at one point for spitting on the cornermen of his rival, Jorge Rivera, in 2011.

However, it’s clear that in his early 40s, Michael Bisping has attained a level of maturity that very few former fighters possess.

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