Hades II announced at The Game Awards 2022, with the princess of the underworld

Hades II announced at The Game Awards 2022, with the princess of the underworld

Hades II announced at The Game Awards 2022, with the princess of the underworld

Hades is getting a spellbinding sequel, developer Supergiant Games announced at The Game Awards 2022. Featuring a high-octane trailer that features the Princess of the Underworld, it would mark the award-winning developer’s first-ever sequel to gems such as Bastion and Pyre. Hades 2 can now be listed on Steam and the Epic Games Store, and will launch in Early Access on PC – similar to the first installment, as the developers collect live feedback to improve its mechanics. More news on Hades II is expected next year.

From an artistic and gameplay standpoint, Hades 2 resembles its predecessor, offering a tight, rogue-like dungeon-crawling experience, which draws on Greek mythology, with an incredible cast of characters/gods and lore that unlocks through repeated playthroughs. While Supergiant Games’ trailer for Hades II doesn’t explicitly mention the protagonist’s name, a blog post confirms that it’s Melinoe, daughter of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. According to legends, Zeus, the god of thunder made his way with the highness, resulting in the birth of a successor. Whereas underworld Centered around a back-and-forth between father and son – Zagreus and Hades – the sequel seems to take the divine conflict to the next level, setting the stage for a fight against Chronos, the personification of time.

Armed with legendary weapons that harbor ancient magic, players must defeat the forces of the Titan of Time, in an epic story that unfolds unpredictably, regardless of victory or defeat, as you interact with its legendary cast . The Hades 2 trailer this time promises new locations, which follow an art style in the vein of ancient sorcery – set during a moonlit night, adorned with dead vegetation. Ranged and AOE (area of ​​effect) attacks seem to be front and center this time around, in keeping with the powers a witch would wield. You can see pentagrams appear during specific spells and interactions with various realm gods, which grant boons to aid you in your quest to take down Chronos. The Hades II trailer also offers a look at some of the gods you’ll encounter, ranging from Moros doom incarnate, the god of light Apollo, Nemesis retribution incarnate, and even an interactive shadow.

“He is no mere titan. He is time itself. And time cannot be stopped,” a narrator describes Chronos in the Hades 2 trailer, hoping to intimidate the Luckily, permanent upgrades return, making subsequent runs much easier, alongside “God Mode” that makes you nigh invincible, as you unravel the mysteries of the Arcane Altar, tame the witches and unlock divine weapons to get closer to your goal.

Currently, there is no release window for Hades 2, but you can list it on Steam and the Epic Games Store to be notified when it hits PC Early Access.

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